Event marketing: how influencers can make your events even better

Event marketing and influencer marketing – not two terms you regularly use in the same sentence. Despite of that, there are a lot of similarities: they’re both interactive, use emotion and passion and are direct forms of contact. Moreover, they both deliver impressive results. Is there more to this?

Let’s study that up close. First we’ll start with defining the concepts of event marketing and influencer marketing. After that, we’ll see how influencers can improve your events.

Event marketing

Event marketing is, simply said, any way in which a brand markets itself through the use of events. This is a wide spectrum: a small SEO-agency’s workshop to the huge launch of a new Audi-model. In this form of marketing, the focus is on a live meeting between consumer and brand. On an event like this, you’ll see use of interactive marketing, emotion and direct communication. Logically, this form of marketing delivers great results: emotion, directness and interactivity are important factors of a marketing strategy. The ROI of event marketing is pretty high, and actually quite measurable. The Dutch marketing-blog MarketingFacts recently discussed all aspects of event marketing in this article.

Influencer marketing

Something we can’t stop talking about on the Join-blog: the strategic use of influencers. By collaborating with bloggers, vloggers or otherwise influential online persona’s you can reach enormous target audiences and let them engage with your brand or product. This influencer content is however found online, where event marketing is based offline. Where do they touch grounds?

Influencers integrated in event marketing

This is where it gets fun – where online and offline meet. As online persona’s and perceptions are growing in importance, we see a counterflow. This counterflow was actually the point where influencer marketing grew in importance: we want to be reached personally. From billboards and e-mail marketing we’re moving back towards Word-of-Mouth. From online advertising to influencers. In the growing world online we’re seeking personal contact. This is exactly the point where influencers’ online world overlaps with event marketing’s offline world. How you can profit from that? Invite influencers to your event! Below we’ll discuss some advantages of integrating influencers in your event.

Create buzz for your event

When you choose to integrate influencers in your event you must make sure you do this early. You have to take in account influencers in the preparation of your event. By using the huge social reach that influencers have you can reach an enormous amount of relevant people, and let them know about your event. Your event is not forced upon them by an intrusive e-mail, but recommended to them by their favorite influencer. Remember, however, that you should pick your influencers carefully.

From offline to online experiences

As discussed previously on this blog, it’s very difficult to reach millennials. The earlier discussed article in MarketingFacts notes that millennials can only be reached by experience. This young target audience doesn’t listen to you telling your message – they have to experience it in order for it to make sense. Perfect for offline event marketing – but also for influencers. By vlogs, Instagram-stories or Snapchat you can make the millennials who are not at your event feel like they are. That’s how you can prolong your offline experiences online.

Unique content

Every entrepreneur that organizes an event hires a photographer, has someone create a nice after-movie or does both. That after-movie you’ll probably use once or twice (for promoting next year’s event), and those pictures will probably end up somewhere in an online database. When you have influencers, content-creators, come to your event, they can make unique content in many different ways – suited to your target audiences perfectly. Your young audience might experience your event again through a vlog, your twenty-somethings might follow an Instagrammer that came your event and your mid-thirty brand-fan might engage in a discussion below a Facebook post. No hiring photographers, but your content will last.

Pre-, At- and Post-engagement

The engagement that you can accomplish with your audience before the event is what we’ve already talked about – and the at-event engagement is what we discussed with experiences. It doesn’t stop here though: when you integrate influencers in your event marketing strategy you will establish high levels of engagement until well after your event. Post-event engagement: people will continue to discuss your event and the content that was created. That’s how you can anchor your brand in your consumers’ minds.


Don’t forget: there are influencers in all industries. Don’t discard this article as “fun for music festivals and product launches.” Influencers are active in all industries and therefore have influence in all industries. The best way to integrate influencer marketing differs per business and industry – but they’re important anyhow.

Earlier on the Join-blog we discussed influencer marketing as a part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. Now you get to think about integrating event- and influencer marketing.

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