YOUBAHN – Temporary jobs

YOUBAHN is an agency that connects employers to students looking for a temporary job, based on a plaform. All students that are registered to the platform are validated, and their skillset examined. This helps company to fill in for temporary positions, and helps students to have the job they like – whenever they like it!


Last June, YOUBAHN launched a campaign on our influencer marketing platform Join. The campaign focused on the YOUBAHN app. The application helps students find a temporary job, where and whenever they like it. They selected influencers that were still studying themselves, and reached out to them through the platform. Next, they invited the influencers to take on a YOUBAHN job for a day!


YOUBAHN focused only on Instagram – an important medium for their target audience.By having multiple influencers spread the word about the app, they aimed to widen awareness of the application. Letting the influencers work a YOUBAHN job for a day made it very personal, and credible, for the followers!


YOUBAHN’s pilot with influencer marketing was a success. Like common Instagram users, the influencers spread the message about the application, and YOUBAHN saw a rise in app downloads in the period following the campaign. The visual content that was produced was suitable to use for YOUBAHN’s commercial purposes later, and the influencers that participated made 3 posts each. You’ll find a summary of the campaign stats below.

3 influencers
9 deliverables
145K reach
6,85% ER

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