The ultimate influencer marketplace for brands.

Easily identify, invite and brief brand-appropriate influencers to amplify and co-create.

Influencer marketing is booming for a reason

Most consumers no longer trust traditional advertising and a growing number of consumers don’t even see digital advertisements anymore.


188M Social Reach

Easily find and activate 10k+ opt-in influencers to reach consumers in an authentic way.

Easily identify matching influencers
Our powerful search algorithm and data integrations makes it possible to find the right influencers within seconds. Based on context and the right data, not arbitrary verticals.
Create influencer marketing campaigns
Quickly scale your marketing-efforts. From hiring to communicating to approving completed content, our technology makes it easy to work across platforms.
Safe marketplace to collaborate

Join provides a simple, easy to use and safe marketplace to collaborate with influencers and orchestrate the creation and delivery of content and make secure payments.

Get results and track performance

Track and record key performance metrics of the campaigns and content shared.


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