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We’re empowering small businesses, enterprises and agencies to grow their business and customers effective and efficiently together with content creators

Our culture

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently working remotely. With that in mind your application journey will be done remotely.

What We Value

We are a highly dedicated team focused on making an impact – right from day one. We are go-getters and dreamers. People at Join are driven with lots of freedom and opportunity; in return, we expect honesty, ambition and determination. We are entrepreneurial and act like CEO of our domain. We value transparency, and we value a solution-oriented attitude.

We are all driven by the same mentality: Get Shit Done.

Sometimes we fail and then we get back up and cross the finish line – together as a team.
Sound refreshing? We think so, too.

Love thy customer

We always put our customers first. Our customers are the reason we exist and we want to show our gratitude by providing the best experience that a company can provide.

Work Smartly

We automate manual work, make decisions quickly and execute with speed as a habit. By working smarter and not harder we take care of our wellbeing and productivity in the long run.

Take Ownership

In our team everyone acts as owners and work towards common goals as one big team. We strive for the success of the whole company, not just our own.

Hungry Humble Hunters

We are humble yet ambitious to become the best in what we do. By experiment and making bold decisions we stay ahead of the curve.

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