Why Join?

1End-to-end solution

Through Join's platform, you have control over your influencer campaigns: from finding suitable influencers to measuring success.

2Easy to use

With Join you work hassle free. Multiple campaigns, automatic administration, secure payments, clear collaborations and full reports.

3Largest platform in Europe

Not only for brands, but also for influencers Join is a breeze. With over 2.1 million searchable influencers Join is the largest influencer marketing platform in Europe.

Join is the perfect platform for connecting with influencers and generating reach. It is very convenient to manage multiple campaigns and have the communication with influencers centralized. If we have questions, Join is always quickly available for tips and best-practices

Chamelle, Marketing & PR

Cabau Lifestyle

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Find the best influencers

Through Join you easily find influencers matching your brand, target group and budget. With a few clicks you find influencers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

  • Access to 2.1 million influencers in Europe
  • Smart AI keyword search engine for perfect matches
  • Insight in performance and profiles of influencers
  • Possibility to let influencers pitch for collaborations

Find the best influencers

Manage your campaigns for effective results

Easily create a campaign in which you specify your objectives. Choose if influencers can pitch on your assignment or if you upfront cherry-pick influencers for collaborations.

  • Negotiate with influencers on prices and content
  • Review influencer content before publication
  • Streamline influencer communications in one dashboard
  • Automate the generation of contracts and payments
  • Use smart reminders during collaborations

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Maximize your ROI

Real-time reporting gives you immediate insight into the effects of your campaigns. Analyze the best performing content, easily find lookalike influencers and maximize your ROI.

  • Real-time insight into published content and statistics
  • Direct insight into the best-performing influencers
  • Easily export results and content

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Within Join, you can easily see how your campaign is running and what the results are. The influencer marketing process is very clear and transparent through Join.

Erik van Bemmelen

Green Soap Company