Influencer Marketing Simplified.

The marketplace for influencers and advertisers to collaborate.

Influencers are changing the game

The marketinglandscape is changing drastically. Brands are choosing for influencer marketing more and more, as it delivers loyal reach and authentic content.

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User-friendly platform

Influencer marketing is fun, authentic and accessible - and so is our platform. The platform is smart, easy to use and ready to start.

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Influencer discovery

Our smart technology finds influencers that suit your brand. Through our AI-integrations we match based on relevance. The profiles you find are completely opt-in with realtime statistics and content.


Campaign management

You can send your shortlisted influencers a briefing and receive proposals in no-time. You can manage, follow and report your campaign from A to Z - all in one place!


Realtime tracking

You can check out all your influencers' activity in one place. With our realtime reporting you can easily track your influencers and their campaign-content. As soon as your campaign is done, your reporting is complete.

  • “The collaborations facilitated by the Join platform delivered beautiful and engaging content that resulted in an increase in traffic and Instagram followers. Some influencers even became brand ambassadors of VIA VAI. We will definitely continue using Join!”
    Valentina Blonda, Marketing Coördinator VIA VAI Shoes
    — Valentina Blonda, Marketing Coördinator VIA VAI Shoes
  • "Working with Join is very intuitive and user-friendly. Within seconds it provides us matches with the right influencers to raise our brand awareness to a higher level!"
    Laura Arkesteijn, Social Media Manager
    — Laura Arkesteijn, Social Media Manager

Half a billion social reach

Find and activate over 15K opt-in influencers to reach your consumers authentically.

Join works with all social channels
Whether you want to showcase an Instagram-story, want to share a tweet or want someone to write a blogpost - Join works with all important social channels.
Join makes influencer marketing scaleable
Your briefing is send out to all influencers you select. That way, you receive numerous relevant proposals.
Direct contact with influencers

Join makes sure you have direct personal contact with the influencers. That way, you can manage your expectations.

Automatic payments

Join saves you time and effort by taking care of all payments automatically. We make sure you can focus on authentic collaborations.

Influencer marketing demo

Yes I would like a free demo

Starting with Join is easy

Fill in your details and recieve a free demo. We’ll show you how our technology helps you to utilize influencer marketing. Only want to recieve more information? Click here.
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