Influencer Discovery

With thousands of influencers to choose from, identifying relevant influencers may seem a difficult task. How do you find the perfect match? Join’s AI-powered search engine has got you covered.

Simplify your search

A relevant and authentic match between influencer and brand is by far the most important characteristic of a successful collaboration. With our search engine, you can easily identify relevant influencers in your niche – in just a couple of minutes!

Find relevant influencers

Browsing through our database is fun and easy. Already know what you’re looking for? Use the designated filters to specify your search based on reach, target audience and more. Simplify your search proces to find relevant results even faster.

Get insights

Once you’ve found relevant influencers, you want to know everything about them. Check out an influencer’s profile to get insights on reach, engagement, target audience and even a forecast of the results of your collaboration. No more browsing between tools and data-sheets, but all necessary information in once place.

  • All relevant statistics in one place.
  • Insights in reach, engagement, target audience and more.

Find your brand ambassadors

Identify the most relevant influencers and save your favorites for later. Establish and expand your own network of brand ambassadors.