Campaign management

Influencer marketing is all about managing personal relationships, normally a time-consuming process. Interested in running a stress-free campaign? Join’s management-tools help you streamline your campaign.

Save time

Forget long e-mail threads and ongoing negotiations: Join helps you organise your campaign and realise collaborations instantly. Within a matter of minutes, your first collaborations with influencers will see the light.

Scale your efforts

Managing multiple collaborations is easy as apple-pie. Collaborate with dozens of influencers at once or add influencers to active campaigns. With Join you will maximise your results with minimal effort.

Manage relationships

Connect with your brand ambassadors. Organise your campaign with automated planning and notifications. Communicate directly with influencers. Establish connections that last. Manage all your relationships with influencers in one simple environment.

  • Personal communication with your brand ambassadors.
  • Dynamic campaign management and planning tools.

Be in control

Approve content before it’s published. Give feedback and manage your campaign assets on-the-go. Steer your campaign in the right direction and maximise your results.