Analyse results

Is my campaign a success, and how did I do compared to my competitors? Join’s reporting dashboard gives you all the data to successfully analyse your campaign – and improve for the future.

Relevant data

Even the most experienced marketer might find it difficult to decide what to focus on. Join’s reporting shows all relevant metrics and analyses your data based on pre-set indicators. Easily find all your content and data in one place.

Improve on-the-go

Easily evaluate your live campaign and improve collaborations to increase results. Join’s live reporting is dynamic and evolves as your campaign continues to grow.

Determine your success

Analyse your campaign and find out what works best for you. Share your content and data with your colleagues and continuously learn about the best influencer marketing techniques.

  • Fully automated live reporting.
  • Compare your results to market competitors.

Identify your perfect matches

Compare influencers and their results. Find your perfect match and easily get connected to similar influencers. Evaluate your campaign now, and improve your campaign for the future.