We make social marketing hassle-free

Setting up an influencer marketing campaign used to be a time-consuming and complicated process. Identifying relevant influencers was a hassle, as well as managing personal contacts and evaluating results. Until now: Join’s AI-powered software can help you simplify your influencer marketing efforts.

30K+ Influencers you can collaborate with instantlyCollaborate with over 30k+ nano-, micro-, macro- and celebrity influencers from all over the world.
8.8Our average client ratingHundreds of user have reviewed Join, giving us an average rating of 8.8.
We’re proud – but also working to make it a 10.
800M+Combined social reach of influencers in our databaseReach almost a billion people with influencers from our database.

Let our AI do the math

Our user-friendly search will let you dive deep into influencer content. By selecting the verticals that you are active in and distinguishing your target audience, you can easily find influencers that are relevant for you. Specify your search with Artificial Intelligence!

Pick your content

Once you’ve identified the influencer of your dreams, you can easily select content with our algorithmic pricing. Indicate your campaign budget upfront, and keep track of your budget along the way.

Easy briefing

Brief your influencers on your campaign, goals and give specific content instructions. Approve influencer content before it is published. Provide your influencers with relevant information beforehand, and streamline the process.

Stay up-to-date!

Stay in charge of your campaign. Receive instant notifications, chat with influencers and track content from the moment it has been published. Like what you’re seeing? Add influencers to your live campaign!

Evaluate your campaign with real time statistics