Micro influencers

We are Join

Join is the largest and smartest European influencer platform. Our technology enables advertisers to deploy influencers in a user-friendly manner.

How does it work?

step 1

Discover influencers


Find relevant matches

Choose in which industry, target audience, topics, keywords and region you want to find influencers. With the help of our AI-technology, Join shows you the best matches for your campaign automatically.


Choose your favorites

View the matched influencer profiles with real-time statistics and content. Shortlist the influencers that best fit your brand and campaign.

step 2

Set up a campaign


Brief influencers effortlessly

With minimal effort, you’ll generate the perfect briefing based on content, planning, and goals. Influencers will know exactly what your demands and expectations are.


Receive proposals instantly

You’ll receive the first influencer proposals in no-time. Only accept the proposals that fit your campaign and budget. Join takes care of all legal affairs of the collaboration



Step 3

Analyse the results


Real-time reports

Maintain oversight through your personal dashboard. As soon as the selected influencers put their content online, we track their results. Real-time. You’ll find the deliverables and statistics in our comprehensive dashboard.


We take care of the payment

After the influencers deliver their content, which you’ve approved, Join will wrap it up and take care of the payments. You can access your finished campaigns at any given time in your personal dashboard.


Influencer marketing demo

Receive a free demo

Starting with Join is easy

Fill in your details and receive a free demo. We’ll show you how our technology helps you to utilize influencer marketing.

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  • Essent
  • Nintendo
  • Hello Fresh
  • Spinmaster
  • Stromma
  • Online.nl
  • Starcom