Adblocking: Avoiding Ads with Influencer Marketing

Today’s advertisers largely target consumers through the internet since it’s an affordable way to reach their target demographics. Unfortunately, technology has made it easier for customers to avoid those adverts, making it more difficult for businesses to convey their messages.


Adblocking software has the ability to remove advertising content from a website or app. Consumers often set up adblockers through an extension on their browser, such as AdBlock. Google Chrome’s latest updates have an ad blocker integrated – this means that internet users won’t even have to download software to block ads from showing up.

Although this may be good news for consumers, it brings big challenges to advertisers and businesses. Traditional ads are blocked, and the industry will need to find a new way to reach consumers. There is a better way to reach customers, and it has the added benefit of getting past adblockers.

Content Marketing

One of the top reasons adblockers have been growing in popularity is that customers have grown tired of ads. Popups continue to receive the most complaints, followed by videos and audio that auto-play as a site loads. As consumers have learned to scroll past ads, marketers are forced to become more creative. This has lead to a growth in content marketing. But it’s no longer enough to fill your own website with content. Instead, you need to get your message on heavily-read sites where it can reach new customers.

Influencers as the Solution to Adblocking

In the course of the last decade, influencer marketing has emerged as a new channel – and as a new platform. Whether they’re popular for their makeup tutorials, their useful business tips, or some other form of information sharing, influencers develop a large following over time. Collaborating with influencers is not only successful in results, it also creates true content by real people. You target audience consumes content voluntarily, which is in no way blocked or seen as an advertisement. When the influencer posts a review or promotion for your product, link to it across your social media platforms for added exposure.

Making the Most of Your Content

As part of reaching out to influencers, make sure you get permission to repurpose their content on your own various channels. Top marketers report that they regularly engage in this practice, including linking to it on social media, promoting it with paid social ads, and sharing it on their blogs. If you quote the influencer’s content, make sure you provide attribution. Not only can you link to the content and duplicate it on your own platforms, you can also use it to create visuals like infographics and image-based ads. Those are linked directly to their original posts. Since customers tend to pay more attention to testimonials and reviews than gimmicky marketing messages, this type of advertisement will be far more effective.

Adblocking makes reaching customers more challenging, but technology has made it easier to build brand awareness in other ways. By identifying top influencers in your field and reaching out to them with an offer, you can get the word out to audiences who might not have known about your products or services. Over time, this can be a much more effective way to advertise than through traditional paid adverts.

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