Airlines and Influencers: How Travel-Influencers Boost your Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is widespread among brands in all industries. Where niche-brands target niche-influencers, we see brands in the “main” influencer industries (fashion, travel, beauty, etc.) fully integrate influencer marketing in their strategy.

Airlines definitely hop on for the ride. Ever since travel-bloggers took off, airlines have recognised the potential of their social channels. In this industry it is interesting to see the spectrum of possibilities.

Low-Fare vs. High-End

Influencers reach their audiences – and like with any broadcasting channel, every channel has its distinctive audience. Because there are so many influencers, with so many followers, a series of collaborations with influencers could reach practically anybody. For airlines, this is specifically interesting seeing their focus. An airline like Ryanair is focused on low-cost air travel, where an airline like Emirates puts its focus on luxury and comfort. Influencers could reach both their audience: one influencer might be a low-budget backpacker, and another might be specialised in high-end-luxury-champagne-business-class-travel. You feel me?

Promotion vs. Airlines Branding

Another interesting focus areas for airlines might be the different applications of influencer marketing in this industry. Like any brand, airlines are balancing between the promotion of actual products and the broader branding of the company. Interestingly, influencers could provide both. A targeted campaign focusing on a destination might provide followers with the incentive to visit that place. Don’t forget influencers are trendsetters: wherever they go, their followers will follow. However, when it comes to branding, influencer also prove themselves useful. You could for example have an influencer review your service on board, or customer support before and after a flight. Their inspirational content will resonate with their followers, resulting in positive associations with your airline company.


Like for many brands, influencers could provide a ton of advantages for the airline industry. Whether it comes to promoting low-fare flights to Vietnam or the champagne service in your business class: Join has got the influencer for you. Experience how our platform can simplify your marketing efforts by requesting a demo below. Our staff would love to get into contact with you.