Are corporate influencers the next big thing in employer branding?

There’s a new trend on social media, which involves corporate influencers. And no, these people don’t publish sponsored lipstick posts. Not unless the posts support the company they enjoy working for. Corporate influencers are the next big thing in employer branding and in this article, you’ll learn how your company can best respond to this.

What are corporate influencers?

Corporate influencers are happy employees who tweet, gram, post or snap about their work and the company they work for. They share and promote their corporate culture not only with their followers on social media but also at events and social occasions.

A big company that is at the forefront of this new trend, is Otto Group. Otto Group offers its employees free social media training through ‘Influencer Workshops’. Employees learn how to grow their social media, get more followers, create content and promote their beloved company.

Benefits of employer branding 

But why should a company invest in corporate influencers? If your employees are happy to work for you, it’s just great that they share that for free, isn’t it? True, but you can get so much more out of it! Here are some of the benefits of employer branding for both companies and employees.

Benefits of employer branding for companies

Research shows that the impact of mega influencers on social media is getting smaller. Their engagement is often lower than that of micro-influencers, who have built a much more loyal community. And these micro influencers might as well be your own employees! Micro influencers don’t only influence the buying behavior of your customers, but they can also be an important factor in strengthening employer branding and recruiting new talent.

  • Corporate influencers offer a new recruitment method
  • They improve your reputation and clarify your corporate culture
  • By investing in employer branding, your employees will feel even more involved, which promotes employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Corporate influencers strengthen customer relationships and thus your conversion

Benefits of employer branding for employees

There are also plenty of benefits for employees. Employees are offered free workshops and training and learn how to use social media effectively. Moreover, they influence the recruitment of their own colleagues. A win-win situation!

Tips for successful employer branding

Employer branding only works if your corporate influencers are truly satisfied and happy with their work and company culture. That is why it’s crucial to have a good match! It’s pretty hard for an employee to work as an influencer when his or her personal values don’t match those of the company. 

In order to find the right employees, you need to clearly communicate your corporate culture. Corporate influencers help you to communicate your corporate culture even better.


Corporate influencers can be more important to your company than mega influencers or celebrities. They don’t only help you to build a better relationship with your customers, but they also help you to recruit the right employees.