Automotive Influencer Marketing: Why Car Brands Use Influencers

Social media has become an increasing part of automotive marketing, as top brands turn to sites like Instagram and Facebook to reach their core demographic. As valuable as posting photos of your own vehicles can be, though, you’ll be limited in your reach unless you can find a way to regularly attract new customers to follow you on social media.

To expand that reach quickly, many automotive businesses are using influencers to get the word out about what they’re offering. Car dealerships find that through the use of influencers, they can reach customers who wouldn’t have otherwise seen their messaging. Here are a few reasons automotive businesses use influencers.

Influencers Are Authorities

Not everyone in the market for a car is an expert. However, often influencers do have a level of expertise in the industry, and their followers trust their advice. If you narrow your search to influencers who have a genuine enthusiasm for the auto industry, you may be able to reach a large audience of highly-engaged buyers who will take that person’s advice. When someone who truly knows vehicles recommends a specific make or dealership, people are likely to listen.

Influencers Are Trendsetters

Whether they’re posting photos of their new alloy wheels or showing off the brand-new Mercedes SUV they just test drove, influencers lead and others follow. This trendsetting can benefit your own dealership if you can find ways to convince them to try out one of your vehicles. You’ll likely need to offer something in exchange, such as a discount on a purchase or a free vehicle service. However, a simple paid collaboration will do in most cases.

The new Mercedes-AMG G63

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Influencers Are Great Content Creators

Most influencers built a strong following due in large part to the quality of their content. The great content they post about your brand can give your own marketing efforts a huge boost. It provides a base that you can expand into videos, infographics, and other promotional materials. You’ll need to ask for permission to reuse any content, but often as long as you credit the original source, influencers enjoy the additional publicity it brings them. Working with Join makes it very easy to select that you’d like to use the created content for commercial purposes. To combine influencer marketing and repurposing influencer content for advertising, request a free demo below this blogpost.


A knowledgeable, popular online influencer can make a big difference in your upcoming marketing campaigns. Here are a few tips to help you use influencers to boost your own automotive sales.

  1. Research existing content, paying close attention to those who are most popular on sites like YouTube and Instagram in your target market.
  2. Reach out to influencers with your request. Be prepared to offer something in return.
  3. Help your influencers. On the day their content goes live, share it with your own followers.