Working with beauty influencers: content ideas and tips! 💄

Beauty influencers have been a major force in the influencer marketing industry for years, and for good reason. With their large and engaged audiences, these influencers have the power to influence consumer behavior and drive beauty brand sales. They often work with companies to promote makeup and skincare products.

Working with beauty influencers can be a very effective way to promote your brand or product. Here are 5 ideas for how you can work with beauty influencers:

Product review

Ask the influencer to create a detailed product review and share it on their social media channels. This can help highlight the product’s features and showcase its benefits.


Ask the influencer to create a tutorial in which they use the product. This can help show potential customers how the product works and how they can use it themselves.

Before and after

Ask the influencer to create a “before and after” post where they show the results of using the product. This can help demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.


Ask the influencer to create an unboxing video where they unpack the product and share their first impressions. This can help introduce the product to their followers and spark curiosity.


Organize a giveaway in collaboration with the influencer. Ask their followers to win the product by liking and sharing the post, for example. This can help increase engagement and brand awareness.

These content ideas can help promote your product or brand creatively and effectively with the help of beauty influencers. Make sure you involve the influencer in the process and bring their own ideas and suggestions to create a successful collaboration.