Branding with Influencers: Create an Authentic Story

Our lives evolve through brands. We are constantly telling others about the brands we love. We are wearing brands, eating brands, listening to brands. And we definitely love sharing this information with others.

Have you ever realized how much you think and talk about brands? It’s hard to imagine that, according to this study from the US, some brands are mentioned over 3.3 billion times every day. Just in the US! People talk about everything from fashion to industrial machinery, and companies realize that they can actually find a way to benefit from this by creating a conversation around their products and services. That is, in essence, the definition of branding. When it comes to influencer marketing, brands start to realize that influencers’ effects can go beyond reach. Influencers can actually help to develop branding strategies in a more subtle way than you think. Influencer marketing as a branding effort.

Brands and Branding: What is it — Truly?

Let’s get back to the basics: do you know what the word “brand“ really means? Basically, it’s a perception that a consumer has when he hears or thinks of your company’s name, service or product. And what is “branding“? It’s the foundation that lets your customers quickly identify themselves with your brand. It’s a strategy designed by companies to give people a reason to choose their products and services over the competitors’. In this process, one of the key efforts is to find out who you are talking to: your target audience. Knowing that audience really well is the main factor why influencers reach such good results when it comes to branding. Combined with the high quality content and creative skills, influencers help you to create an authentic story. This way consumers feel connected to influencers and brands. Connections equal closeness. This ensures that good emotions are associated with the brand.

Creativity and Influencer Marketing

Producing high quality content that engages people is not an easy job. Influencers must be creative. This also means that they know more about your target audience — and even your brand — than you think. They receive relevant information from their followers. They know all about your main competitors and how your brand differs from them. While keeping the content absolutely authentic, they can also do a big favor to your branding strategy. They can find a honest and true story to tell about your brand — which would be new, catchy, and engaging. At this point, you might be surprised and actually learn something new for yourself. By providing new insights about your target audience and brand, influencers can do more than just promote your brand. If you put in the effort to make influencers true brand ambassadors, you could be profiting on the long-term. Find more about long-term influencer marketing in our whitepaper.

long term influencer marketing


As mentioned before, influencers might know more about your target audience and brand than you would think in the first place. Moreover, don’t forget that influencers are people that have faced the same challenges when it comes to branding, as they created a brand of their own. Overcoming these challenges, they can help you to improve your branding strategy. This results in creating a more positive brand image for consumers. Experienced influencers know how to increase positive brand sentiments, portray your brand’s personality and inspire customers to connect with your brand. Influencer marketing is useful not just for reaching out, but also for learning from within. That’s why you should let influencers help to make the best of your business — in all kinds of ways. Contact us to find out what influencers can do for you, or immediately request a demo through the form below!