Coachella – The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Event?

This weekend, the average Instagram timeline was taken over by influencers attending Coachella. This year’s edition of the three-day festival in Indio, California is once again very popular among social media stars.

Besides Coachella’s killer line-up with artists like Eminem, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, the latest festival outfits were introduced by the biggest Instagram influencers.

DAY 3 ?

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Coachella Fashion

For the major fashion brands there is no room for missing out. Talking about #FOMO. If you don’t showcase your new festival clothing line there, you missed the bus and therefore a lot of potential new customers. Brands that showcase their new lines of clothing on Coachella often provide the complete Coachella experience for influencers.  That includes VIP tickets, high-end villas and all the cocktails you can drink.

Grazia Netherlands, for example, send the biggest Dutch influencers to the festival. Anna Nooshin, Lizzy van der Ligt, Maan and others were all staying at a massive villa in Indio and got to wear the newest festival outfits of the Amsterdam based clothing brand, Alix the Label. Consequently, the label will receive lots of (inter)national attention after the intensive marketing efforts in California.

Nooit meer naar huis ✨ #graziaxcoachella

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Celebrity Influencers

So is this how influencer marketing should be? No, definitely not. The brands that use Coachella to promote their products are often the biggest brands in the world – and if they aren’t, they do have the budget. For a succcessful influencer campaign, however, this is far from necessary. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars – at Join we see brand that use our software launching influencer marketing campaigns from €500 up.

Regardless of the budget of your campaign, the focus of influencer marketing should always be on an authentic match between brand and influencer – as well as quality content. Working with a handful of the thousands of micro-influencers that you can find through Join might deliver amazing results. This all, at a fraction of the cost of one celebrity influencer. Moreover, micro-influencers are scattered across industries. This means that there’s an influencer for every brand or industry!

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