Collaborate with Influencers Efficiently: 3 Mistakes Marketeers Make

Marketers are generally creative and keep up with current developments in technology and marketing. Despite that it is possible that you have worked at big brands for years and years but you still have no idea how to start a collab with a 22-year old #fitgirl. Or no idea what a collab is. Or a #fitgirl.

All jokes aside – influencer marketing is no longer a trend and is becoming widespread. However, you might still not be up to date with recent developments. As experts in the influencer marketing industry we would love to help you collaborate with influencers. Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll explore some of the greatest misconceptions about working with influencers.

1. Barter deals will do. Right?

The first (and worst) misconception about influencers. Of course: some (micro) influencers will agree to make content in exchange for products. Never forget that the influencer is someone who is doing creative and time-consuming work for your brand. They create content for you, and just like a professional photographer or filmmaker they deserve a financial compensation. They put effort in promoting your brand, combining creating content and spreading it. If you want to collaborate and integrate influencers in your strategy, reserve a budget.

2. Reach = influence. Right?

As the influencer marketing industry is maturing, people are slowly finding out that working with influencers is different from advertising. You cannot only depend on reach as a metric. It’s about finding the right influencer, that combines reach and engagement and really bonds with the consumer. Medium sized “macro” influencers (100K-1M followers) can be perfect instigators of your campaign, but don’t forget about micro-influencers. It’s been proven time after time that ROI’s and engagement levels of micro influencers are through the roof. Why? They are closer to the consumer, operate in niches and really know their followers. You can easily collaborate with multiple micro influencers with our platform.

3. I collaborate with professionals. Right?

Yes, they are! They are however not considered marketers, and most certainly do not have your experience. Help your influencers out by briefing them clearly, and free of marketing-jargon. Discuss ideas about the content beforehand, plan a moment for feedback and make sure you and your influencer are on the same page. By doing so, everyone is satisfied: the influencer has been able to make good content and you can realise your brand’s goals. Working with Join makes it easy to stay in close contact with the influencers you’ve selected for your campaign. Interested in seeing the flow of our platform? Request a demo below this blog post!


Working with influencers can be difficult at times, but will reward you in the long run. Are these all the influencer marketing misconceptions we know about? No way! Stay up to date and follow our blogposts to learn more about influencer marketing, and become the IM thought leader in your company.