Content Creation: 3 Surprising Reasons To Let Influencers Produce Your Content

The name influencer puts a strong emphasis on social media following. After all, you measure the success of an influencer depending on their user base. But one thing we tend to forget is that they are also tremendous content creators.

And as our appetite for content shows no sign of slowing down, it would be a missed opportunity not to get help in creating it. So should you really abandon in-house content creation in favor of influencer-produced content? Here are 3 surprising reasons to convince you of the benefits of this workflow.

#1 Influencer Content Creation is Less Professional

You read that right. If you let influencers create videos, blog posts or images for you, it will be less glossy than a professional advert. You will have less control. But guess what? This is exactly what makes it so effective.

In a digital world where 90% of users trust peer recommendations over traditional advertising, we can understand how content that rings as authentic performs better. So yes, influencer content might be a bit rough around the edges, but that’s what gives it a “true” quality. And your message is more likely to be heard coming from the guy or girl next door, rather than displayed on a sterile, anonymous billboard.

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#2 Influencer Content Hits Its Target Better Than yours

Put bluntly: influencers are nothing without their audience. So of course, they have every reason to understand what their followers want from them, especially in terms of promoted content.

So you might have spent hours, if not months, developing a user persona. You have a good understanding of your market audience. But there can still be a mismatch between your message and how it is perceived. This is precisely where having an influencer on your team can be a tremendous help: they will know their audience better than you will.

#3 Influencer Content Creation is Cheaper than In-House

Again, this might seem counterintuitive at first. Yes, the top names in the influencer sphere charge big bucks for mentioning your name or brand: But it’s worth remembering that micro influencers are also just as, if not more, effective. You can spend less on a handful of influencers and increase your ROI. Thousands of micro-influencers are accessible through the use of influencer marketing platform Join. Fill out the demo request below this post to find out what Join can mean for your business.

Then there is the matter of overheads. Video production is incredibly expensive to get made. You need the equipment, lighting, editing software, editor and voice acting. Good written content and professional photography can also be very costly, if done right. With influencers, it’s all part of the deal.

Final Thoughts

Even the most seasoned marketers might be surprised by the facts mentioned above. But when you think about it, having an influencer on your team ticks a lot of boxes at once. You get someone who has an audience. Someone who knows how to speak to it. And best of all, an all-in-one production company dedicated to promoting your message.