Part II: Top Tips on Using Influencer Content for Advertising

Yesterday we’ve discussed some tips on using influencer content for advertising. We’ve found that repurposing influencer content saves time and money, and provides good metrics on its efficiency. The content is already in line with your company’s branding guidelines, and by reposting on social media and using it in your blog posts you can make content live longer.

Those were yesterday’s tips on using influencer content for advertising. Today we’ll discuss the tips that are a little less obvious – not digital, for example. Shocking right? Find out more below.

1. Influencer Content for Advertising Via Email

Just like using influencer content in your blogposts, this method is an easy way of repurposing your content. Remember that a new video, a new business partnership or a new write up is newsworthy. People invested in your brand enough to sign up to the newsletter want to hear about it.

So the Irish Vlogger has got a new video out? Mention them in your newsletter. Their name is trending on Twitter? Mention them. It helps them grow their fan base, and helps your brand bask in their celebrity glow. Give your influencer credits – your newsletter subscribers will surely like that. Perhaps you might want to use a visual provided by an influencer in your header. If you work with Join, you can let influencers know you want to use their content for commercial purposes. If they agree, your are free to use their visuals for your businesses’ communication. Request a demo below to find out more about our terms and agreements.


2.  Influencer Content for Advertising Offline

We’ve yet to see some huge crossovers from the digital world into TV or radio advertising. But who knows? Maybe a campaign based on the fact that your Irish Vlogger (them again) is doing well can go a long way. If you can imagine them on billboards and glossy magazines, go for it! Don’t forget how fast digital advertising is merging into our physical world with smart and responsive advertising billboards. With solutions like Windowsketch, influencer content can get a valuable second life.

Or, it doesn’t have to be a campaign on that scale. Maybe just keeping a framed picture of them in the office can also be a good conversation-starter for onsite visitors.


Marketing is a hugely creative field, and not just for content creators. The point is that by working with influencers, you’re sitting on a gold mine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, if you know how to repurpose their content and keep it alive for as long as possible.