Three Ways Influencers Can Help With Content Marketing

As far as marketing strategies go, content marketing is a solid workhorse. It is great for SEO, visibility and authority. It is versatile, robust and flexible. So it is no wonder that even the most traditional industries like Finance are opening its doors to it.

However, not all content marketing is created equal. Some advertorials can go completely unnoticed. Video promos can be drowned amongst the 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. So how do you ensure it hits home everytime? Simple: let the expert influencers create it for you. Here are three of the main reasons why:

#1 Influencers Depend on The Quality of Their Content

They have as much to gain as you from creating high quality content. Their whole brand is based on their voice, tone, and the audiences are fickle. After all, it’s their name on the video / Instagram page or Twitter account. They have a lot to lose by pushing half-baked content.

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In short, they have every interest in making sure the message is creative, unique, and engaging. We’ll see more about that in the third point below. In any case, influencers will certainly be as committed, if not more, than your in house content creation solution.

#2 Influencers Target The Right Audience

Sure, you have created your user personas and know which niche to tap into. But do you really know the audience you are creating the content for? This can be tricky, especially if it is your first campaign. You’ll need to iterate and adapt your message accordingly.

Nobody wants to talk to a blank wall, and influencers know better than anyone when and how to engage with their audience.

This is once again where influencers can be a huge boon. These are people who have based their career on finding their audience. They will know exactly what makes them tick, and what doesn’t. This means the message is more likely to be amplified, and best of all in a completely organic fashion.

#3 Influencers Are Invested in The Conversation

They will not simply click Post and leave it at that. Their careers rely on an approachable and communicative persona. Nobody wants to talk to a blank wall, and influencers know better than anyone when and how to engage with their audience.

The keyword here, of course, is engagement. Whether it is by fostering debate, answering questions, or simply replying to praises, influencers will keep the conversation (and the engagement) going around your message.


The longer you work with influencers, the more you will see how they are an all-in-one solution for your marketing. It does require trust in the quality of their content, but the benefits are numerous. These range from increased engagement to better SEO.

So if you are ready to let entrust your content to these experts, go ahead and do it. They will know how to make sure it hits its targets, and will do everything to keep it alive in the digital world. Need some help finding relevant influencers and executing your campaign? Request a free demo of Join‘s services blow.