How Working with Micro Influencers can Help your Creative Process

Anyone involved in digital marketing knows that thinking creatively is primordial, and hard to do. Creativity is constantly curtailed by constraint from upper management, social media platform rules, and content guidelines.

This is just another reason that influencer marketing can be so freeing. Whether you work with micro influencers or large ones, you will hire a powerful ally to help your company produce creative content. And best of all, the process can bring in a positive feedback loop for your own creative process. Here’s how:

1: Influencers can Create Content from Scratch

This is because they’re used to it. Whether it’s in the forms of videos, Instagram pictures or blog posts, they have built their entire career on creativity. A content brief is more than they’re used to working with. This means you can give them the broad strokes, and they can colour the rest in.

This might be difficult for marketers who like to micromanage. But there is a lot to gain by giving influencers a certain amount of creative freedom. In fact, almost 40% of influencers believe restrictive guidelines are one of the biggest mistakes brands and agencies make when working with them. Setting up a creative brief using Join‘s software helps you determine what you should fill in, and what you should leave open. Request a demo of our services below this blogpost.


2: Influencers can Steer Creative Campaigns in the Right Direction

Unsure where you campaign should be headed? Why not think of influencers as consultants? They are used to thinking creatively about a number of problems, and sometimes that problem can simply be: is our message good enough.

By letting influencers in on the larger campaign goal, they can give you incredibly valuable feedback on whether it is a) realistic and b) done via the right approach. It might be hard to accept, but it’s very likely that influencers will know and understand their audiences better than you do. So their insights can go a long way.

3: Influencers Can Inspire Your In-House Creatives

As mentioned above, influencers with audiences large and small have built their careers on creative content. So if you produce your content in-house, why not find inspiration in their previous work? They could, in essence, be the art direction for your campaign.

Using their work as a template will not only help content assimilate more seamlessly when it is pushed to their audience, but also inspire your team to try on different voices. This can be a tremendously beneficial exercise for all content creators.


Your initial goal to hire influencers might be to tap into their large audience of followers and subscribers. But it’s limiting. They can be so much more, acting as creatives whose content you can repurpose, consultants, and even art directors to inspire your own content department. And by working multiple micro-influencers, you can multiply these benefits with each hire.