E-Commerce: Why Online Stores Should Use Influencers to Drive Sales

Online store owners have a lot to think about these days. Stocking and selling the right products is only a small fraction of what an e-commerce must do to survive. You also need to take into account SEO optimization, shipping costs, accounting, and of course online marketing.

And this is where the minefield begins. Because with the multitude of social media channels, advertising platforms and marketing options available, it’s hard to choose one that works. In fact, it’s easier to waste time on strategies that yield no results in e-commerce. Today, we’re going to look at influencer marketing, and show why it’s an excellent way to boost sales.

Social Media Influences Shoppers’ Decisions

In case you weren’t certain about this, it is actually a fact. According to a report by Deloitte, 47% of millennials say their purchase decisions are directly influenced by social media. While the figure averages 19% across all age groups, there is no denying that people buy what they see in their news feeds.

Of course, this is a tremendous opportunity for influencers to give your product visibility. Whether it’s by wearing your online store clothes or singing praises of your service, you have a lot to gain here.

Influencers Act as a Seal of Trust

Even with hundreds of reviews of your product, it’s sometimes hard to convince users to buy. This is where someone you trust and respect can help you sway towards the purchase button. It can be a friend, or in our interconnected digital world, an online celebrity you follow.

These days, influencers act as a great bridge between your product and users. They will test it, showcase it, and let people know how they feel about it. This will all be done in their own words and through their own voices, which acts as a sign of trust and guaranteed satisfaction.

Influencers Are Multi-Platform

While some influencers are known to be platform specific (for example Instagram royalty or Youtube Vloggers), one great advantage is that you can build a strong team across channels. In the case of Instagram, it has been shown to give brands 25% more engagement than other platforms, but it doesn’t mean you have to put all your eggs in the same basket.

In short, you can relax and focus on improving your e-commerce website, while they will market it the right way. No need to spend hours learning the ins and outs of Snapchat or Facebook promotions. You can concentrate on what matters: improving the quality of your conversion rate and online sales.

The Best Online Stores Use Influencer Marketing

This isn’t an open secret, as a large number of e-commerce leaders rely on influencer marketing. In fact, anytime you can see a product hashtagged on an online celebrity’s post, it is likely to be for marketing purposes.

So why do they keep going back to the well? Obviously, the strategy works for them. If an industry leader like Revolve launches 70 influencer events in one year, it must be good enough for your own e-commerce needs. Multiple brands in e-commerce use Join’s software to find relevant influencers and organize campaigns. Request a demo here and find out how we can help you improve your business.

Final Thoughts

The most common advice marketers give to beginners is to focus on one communication channel. It can be overwhelming if your e-commerce is trying to sell across newsletter, ads, and social networks at the same time.

One of the greatest advantages of influencer marketing, is that you can let the experts do the work for you. Combining the right influencer voice with your product is guaranteed to improve sales, and to promote your message in an organic and effective way.