Engagement Rate: How Influencers Help You Connect to the Public

Micro influencers might not be the most glamorous way to promote your product. But they can be one of the most effective. As we’ve already seen in a previous post, they can offer better value for your campaign, make it easier to manage it, and promote organic spreading of your message.

Today we’re going to focus on one area where they are particularly useful: increasing your engagement rate. But for that, let’s unpack a few concepts first:

What Exactly is Engagement Rate?

At its most basic, the metric of engagement measures how much people interact with your digital message. Different platforms have different ways of calculating it, and it includes data such as how often people interact with it vs. how many times they see it. Engagement could take the form of:

  • A repost
  • A share
  • A “Like”
  • And most importantly, a comment or series of replies.

If you want to find out how it differs from the concept of reach, don’t hesitate to check out this other blog post.

What About Micro Influencers?

They are defined as social media users with a range of 5K to 100K followers. While you might not necessarily know their names, they can be extremely popular within certain niche markets. Moreover, their voices can be a lot more powerful with their users, which of course can drastically increase your engagement rate. Join is specialized in catering campaigns where brands work with dozens of micro influencers. Do you like our findings about improved engagement rates? Request a demo below this post or contact us.

“Quite simply, micro influencers have more time to give to their community. This means they are adept at fostering discussion and conversation around their posts, videos or photographs.”

Why Are They Better for Engagement?

One of your goals as a digital marketer is for people to feel a certain connection with your product or service. Sometimes, with online stars such as Instagram royalty or hugely popular YouTubers, followers can feel like their voices aren’t heard. Their replies are drowned in the noise of millions of other replies.

Quite simply, micro influencers have more time to give to their community. This means they are adept at fostering discussion and conversation around their posts, videos or photographs. As you can imagine, this is exactly what good engagement entails. After all, there is no point asking an online star about advice on a product if they aren’t going to answer. You’ll feel much more comfortable interacting with the “guy or girl next door”.

engagement rate

Final Thoughts

Younger generations, and millenials in particular, are fully aware that Kim Kardashian is reportedly paid $500,000 per promoted product. It is therefore no surprise that engagement rates drop with the mega-star influencers: they are getting closer to traditional advertising.

In order to avoid the pitfalls or an expensive advertising campaign drowned in noise, marketers should really consider focusing on smaller influencers. They might appear small in the grand scheme of things. But by hiring, say, 25 micro influencers instead of 1 online celebrity, you can be certain to see your engagement rate skyrocket.

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