Join’s Instagram Update

Instagram is the platform where it all happens in the influencer marketing world. The platform is constantly changing and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest features. Today you’ll read about it in Join’s Instagram Update!

Add yours sticker

With the “Add Yours” sticker, you can now create viral “content chains”. The sticker is exactly what it sounds like: you add your own content based on an influencer’s story, and the topic that goes with it. 

Influencers can add the sticker to their stories and tap it to enter a custom story for their community. Followers can participate in the challenge, thus starting the viral chain reaction. 

Photo Dump

Photo Dumps are more popular than ever. But what is it really? A Photo Dump is basically an Instagram carousel post: that is, a post with multiple photos in a row. In this dump, it’s important that the photos or videos (max 10) take little effort, are random and different, and convey a story, journey or feeling. Check out a perfect example of a Photo Dump here.

Pictures from the carousel 

From now on you can delete photos from your posted carousel or dump. Previously, if you made a mistake in your carousel, you could only delete the entire post. Now you can delete one, and the rest will just stay!

Instagram Live planner

This new feature allows creators and brands to schedule Instagram Lives up to 90 days in advance. This ensures that more people discover Instagram Lives. In addition, this way reminders and countdowns can be shared directly to their Instagram Stories, feed and profile. 

Instagram Remix

Instagram Remix is an editing feature that allows influencers to shoot videos as “duets,” and thus appear alongside the original video. This feature already existed on TikTok and was used here to respond to videos from influencers or brands. So now this can also be done on Instagram! See how you can do this here.