Everything you need to know about: TikTok

TikTok is growing incredibly fast and it’s impossible to imagine the influencer marketing landscape without it. What are things you should know about this platform? We’ve listed them for you:

TikTok Hashtag Hack

Hashtags are essential on TikTok to increase the chances of content reaching people interested in it. But which ones are best to use?

# Stop using #FYP and its analogues

People think that using tags that indicate “for you page” is a way to actually get to FYP. TikTok has proven that this is not true! So don’t use popular hashtags that are not relevant to your content.

# But which ones do you use?

By using the free web app Clockipedia, you can find live trending hashtags that are popular, but not too common. The hashtag lists on Clockipedia are updated regularly throughout the day.

TikTok Feature: Live Shopping

On TikTok, you can now shop during a Live Stream. Walmart was the only one until now who had tested this during a live stream event called, “Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular,”. 

The results of this were very positive: 

🚀It yielded 7x the number of predicted views

🚀It caused Walmart’s number of followers to grow by 25%.

With LIVE Shopping, brands can integrate products into a live session. This allows them to connect with their audience in real time and help users buy what they see passing by during the stream.