Facebook’s New Rule Is a Boost for Influencer Marketing – Here’s Why

Being a digital marketer can be exhausting these days. Technology is moving at breakneck speed with a fast cycle of new device releases. To Boot, nobody knows what Google or Facebook will change about their platform tomorrow. In fact, this is exactly the kind of seismic shifts marketers had to contend with very recently.

We’re talking, of course, about the latest decision from Mark Zuckerberg. His decision to favour social interactions in the news feeds is one that should have pleased everyone. It turns out, not so much investors and marketers. Many were relying regularly on the fact that they could push paid ads towards users. In fact the decision was so controversial that Facebook shares plunged by 4%. But if you focus on influencer marketing, this is actually great news.

The New Algorithm Is Better for Organic Content

Instead of pushing polished adverts in front of the eyes of their users, the kind of content that will be passed around will be made by users. And this is exactly how influencers define themselves. They are regular people first, and marketers second. For them, creating content that has the flavor of “the guy or girl next door” isn’t a cynical ploy. It’s their nature, and they have dedicated their careers to working this way.

It Means Influencers Will Get More Attention

The fight for space in people’s feeds is a tough one on social media. By removing some of the presence from paid marketing, influencers have now a chance to cut through the noise and be seen by more people than ever before. It goes without saying that if you already work with an influencer on Facebook, you have also just drastically improved chances of spreading your message!

Influencers Will Benefit From A Snowball Effect

Social media celebrities know very well that the more followers they have, the more people want to follow them. The same thing goes for “shares” and “likes”. This snowball effect is the Holy Grail of influencer marketing, and chances are that Facebook’s new algorithm will help them get it. This is the very definition of a viral hit, one that your company could benefit from by focusing on influencer marketing.

Other Tech Giants Will Be Watching Closely

If Facebook’s experiment is a success, chances are that other companies will want to follow in their footsteps. Google could try something similar with YouTube, and Twitter is just as likely to copy the move. And of course, Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, could also update their algorithms to mirror the one used by their parent company.


All in all, it looks like Facebook’s new change will not affect all marketers equally. Those in the traditional model of creating ad and pushing their brand online will certainly suffer. Native advertising will take a big hit, and so will features like Instant Articles.

But for anyone working with influencers, this could be a huge boost. By taking the focus away from paid promotions and giving it to organic users, influencers will know exactly how to use their space for the best. They will be able to consolidate your brand, and communicate your message in a way that is unobtrusive, organic, and a win-win for all. Why hesitate? Request a demo and get introduced to Join.