Fake followers: Tips & tricks to recognise fake followers

These days there’s no way back with influencer marketing. It can be very difficult to know who you can trust when you choose an influencer for your next campaign, since the upcoming fake followers. As a marketeer you only want to choose an influencer with real followers and an engaged audience. If this is not the case, it will be at the expense of your marketing budget but even worse, it endangers the integrity of your brand. What makes someone a fake follower? How can you say that someone isn’t a real follower? Some signals that helps you to indicate fake followers.

Unusual figures

Real accounts usually shows similar patterns in terms of number of followers, people that are being followed and the level of engagement. Outliers are very easy to recognize. They can follow thousands of people, but don’t have many who follow them back. That doesn’t mean it’s always a bot, but it does show that they will not influence anyone or just a few.

There is also the engagement. For a quality influencer the engagement rate is at least 1.5 – 3%. This means if an influencer has 100.00 followers, he should get 1.500 – 3.000 likes and comments for an average post. Of course, the higher the engagement, the better it is. There are always tricks to create more involvement.

Empty, hidden or copied profile parts

You can say that there is a fake follower when the bio is not filled in or minimal details are filled in. In addition, there should also ring a bell when a profile picture is missing, especially if we look at Instagram. Because Instagram is the place to be for visuals.

Spammy and meaningless comments

The more smarter bot accounts, leave comments to make them look real. These comments are always the same and have no content. The comments can be seen as engagement. These comment have no value for a brand that hopes to convince its followers, through an influencer,  that the brand is suitable for them.

S.O.S. Instagram

Luckily there are some tools to scan an influencer’s account very quickly. In that way you receive statistics about authenticity and engagement score.


This is a free tool with an unobtrusive user interface. Most users have a public account, which makes it easy to find information. You enter their username in the search box and then you get an estimated real-fake-follower ratio.

IG check

IG-Check is a free data service to make better decisions when finding new Instagram influencers. Through this site you can easily obtain information about the level of engagement, number of followers, top posts, etc.


This site analyzes Instagram accounts by collecting information about the level of engagement of the followers who have the account. FakeCheck is easy to use and provides additional information, such as top 10 Instagram accounts for social engagement. Unlike IG Audit, you need to pay  for this tool to obtain information.

Social Audit Pro

Social Audit Pro provides useful analysis of Instagram accounts. There is also the possibility to delete followers that are marked as fake. You need to pay for this service, but you get value for your money. The tool compares Instagram influencers and can be used to see how many people the influencers really reach and address.

As a marketeer it is important to know that fake followers cannot become real customers. So it is very important to find influencers who can connect your brand with the right people. Do you want to work with influencers? Do you want to find the right influencer? Fill in your information below.