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Influencer marketing is evolving rapidly. More and more companies are considering using influencers for their next campaign. You can choose from millions of influencers. How do you search and find the influencer that fits your brand? At Join we have developed a database where you can find the perfect influencers for your next campaign – just a few clicks away.

Why would you, as a brand, use influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing offers many benefits over traditional marketing channels. A social influencer can influence the behaviour and opinion of a target group. Do you want to promote your service or product to a specific group? Then it’s important to find influencers who match with this specific group. Influencers are, as the name suggests, influential within certain target groups and can greatly boost the reputation, brand awareness, but also the trust of brands.

Moreover, the last few years, trust in ads has declined. Consumers avoid ads through banner blindness or the use of adblockers. Influencer marketing is the perfect solution as users choose to consume their content.  With influencer marketing, an organisation can use influencers to build their own credibility. This way, consumers get more confidence in the brand.

By hearing the term influencer marketing, you might think immediately about promotion of a product or service through influencers. Don’t forget that influencers are able to do way more then only promote something. They have an own personal brand. Influencers create content on their own unique way. Another element of influencer marketing is engagement. A good engagement can strengthen the relation between a target group and organization. Through authentic and relevant content people are motivated to comment and interact. It’s not about the amount of follower – it’s about a close group of followers who are relevant for a brand.


Besides the above mentioned benefits, influencer marketing has many other goals. Furthermore, influencer marketing can also be used to encourage consumers to share content about a product or service, also called User Generated Content. Do you want to generate more traffic to your website? Also in this case, influencer marketing can be a powerful tool.


Types of influencers

When you choose to use influencer marketing, it is important to consciously choose which type of influencer you want to use for your next marketing campaign.

Firstly there are nano influencers. This is the largest group of influencers, but with the smallest social reach. They don’t consider themselves to be influencers, but they are. They are the “ordinary” users.

Besides that there are the micro influencers, they have a strong bond with their followers. These influencers know very well what their followers expect and like, which results in a higher engagement rate. They create content from a passion, which can be seen in both the content and the followers.

A third group of influencers are the meso influencers. Brands are often not yet familiar with these influencers. Unlike the macro and mega influencers, which will be discussed later, a meso influencer (still) has time to respond to comments, resulting in a higher engagement. The combination of engagement and reach makes these influencers increasingly interesting for brands.

Then there are the macro influencers: they have a high number of followers on different social media channels. These influencers are often active on television and work together with other macro influencers. This group uses a rather professional approach. They prefer to focus on mass communication instead of targeted influencer marketing. These influencers often require a large budget.

The last type of influencers are the mega influencers. These are usually celebrities, which is why they are also called celebrities. Mega influencers generate a lot of traffic and sales for a certain brand. The mega’s have high demands, because many people are interested in a collaboration with them. That’s why it is more difficult to get in touch with them.


Besides the types of influencers, we can also divide influencers into different topics. Just think of the lifestyle sector. But you can use influencer marketing in many more sectors. You have influencer marketing opportunities in the automotive, sports, interior, but also in the medical sector or – for example – B2B. As long as you are looking for the right influencer for your sector, influencer marketing can be a success.

Find influencers with Join 

Influencer marketing can offer many benefits for each brand. It’s all about finding the right influencer that fits your brand. Do you want to collaborate with influencers? Or are you an influencer and want to work with awesome brands? Then fill in your details below.