Five Guys: A “Fast-Food Heaven” For Influencers

The day before yesterday was the day of the grand opening of Five Guys in Rotterdam Alexandrium. In the Netherlands, the fast-food joint is not (yet) very well-known. In the United States, Five Guys and her biggest competitor, In-N-Out Burger are the key fast-food joints for influencers to show on social media.

This does not resonate with the general image of influencers, which are more often associated with terms like vegan, green, healthy and fit. Then why is Five Guys so popular among influencers, in contrast to fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King? To be true: we’re not sure. In our opinion, it has to do with several factors.

Five Guys

In contrast to McDonald’s or Burger King, Five Guys only works with fresh ingredients.  They don’t have a single deep-freeze in their restaurant! This provides the guests with a completely different experience than in restaurants that work with frozen products. It’s not just the products though: the marketing strategy of the restaurant is in place too. They focus their activities mainly on social media.

Social Media

It’s crucial for Five Guys to spread authentic and engaging content across social media. They do not only use influencers for this, but also incorporate their personnel in their marketing strategy. Furthermore, they actively activate their customers to post pictures of the restaurant on social media. They do so by, for example, organising photo-contests around certain certain hashtags. The unique red look of the restaurant also plays a big part in their strategy – both for the guests and the pictures.


Five Guys demonstrates that an effective social media strategy can activate people in the right way. By combining this with the activation of influencers, they reach their target audience in a clever manner. Simultaneously, a snowball-effect is created among the followers of influencers. They love to show that, just like their social media stars, they eat in the same restaurant! By doing so they create a truly engaged audience.

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