Foodies: Influencer marketing, a piece of cake

A new study shows that most people now discover new foods via social online and blogging. Combine that fact with the huge popularity of food-based traditional media like the Great British Bake Off, and you have to ask yourself: is the market soon to be saturated for foodies? In order to stay within the theme, we’ve added some inspirational content – by Dutch influencers that are signed up to our platform. Foodie for thought!

The Era of Instagrammable Dishes

When Internet food chef Kenji Alt Lopez opened his beer and sausage hall in California, he made sure to include a dish that would bring a smile to people’s faces, and send them reaching for their phone. It’s a chicken sandwich where the meat looks enormous compared to the patty. The idea is simple: it’s a neat trick that would make people post the photo on Instagram and promote his restaurant. Perfect for any foodie.

The reason? The market is saturated, so any trick in the book is good to make yourself heard online. And he has clearly succeeded, being a prominent Instagram influencer himself with 97K followers.

Influencers for Food Promotion

Being a foodie these days could mean a number of things. You could be a foodie, a restaurateur or even someone who writes recipe books. Regardless of what you are selling, there is a lot to gain by letting people share your food-related content. So why not use someone who can bring their own audience?

TAART ~ Wat is jullie lievelingstaart? Ik zeg altijd dat ik geen zoetekauw ben. En helemaal niet van taart houd. Eigenlijk klopt daar niets van, want zo’n stuk als hier op de foto met frisse vlierbessen en romige crème fraîche, smaakt fantastisch. Slagroompunten en mokkagebak laat ik liever staan eigenlijk. De taart op de foto eet je trouwens bij Kust. Ik schreef er lang geleden als eens over. Link in bio. Mooie dag🙋🏼‍♀️😘 • • • • #taart #kust #kustvlissingen #vlissingen #cappuccino #koffietijd #hartvanvlissingen #fanvanzeeland #zeeland #lovezeeland #dutchfoodblogger #deliciousfood #snacks #foodstyling #snacktime #taarteten #darlingweekend #buzzfeedfoods #buzzfeedfood #beautifulcuisine #vsco_food #foodaffair #nevernoteating #pixzeeland #walcheren #zeeuwsekust

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Influencers can help by promoting your blog, turning up at your event, or even your food festival. And just because they can’t share the food with their audience doesn’t mean they can’t make them crave it. If people wish they could eat what you make, chances are the battle is half won already.


The food industry isn’t necessarily the one people think of when they picture digital transformation. But the fact of the matter is that foodies, bloggers, restaurant owners or chefs are now absolutely required to have a digital strategy in place. After all, sharing is caring, whether it’s food or social media posts – and influencers know exactly how to get the right content into the right hands.

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