From Fast to Slow Fashion: Influencers Take the Lead

Slow – and fast fashion. For some these terms mean nothing, but for the fashion industry they are two major concepts that bring out different feelings. In this blog we’ll dive deeper in the increasing shift from fast to slow fashion. 

What does fast fashion mean?

The definition is already in the words itself. It means short production times, cheap materials and low wages for the workers. The pressure from the fashion industry to release a new collection every six weeks is causing a big haste in production. While still on second place of most polluting industries in the world, the fashion industry is polluting the environment more and more. So it’s time for change and that time has come now. Slow fashion is the term used for the alternatives the fashion industry offers such as vintage, fair, or vegan fashion. These are the options for delivering sustainable fashion that lasts. This ”slow fashion”’ contributes to human working conditions in the factories while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

On to slow fashion

It’s obvious that we have to change from fast to slow fashion, but this is easier said than done. The fast fashion industry knows exactly how to keep us in its grip. The fast production and rotation makes us ”hungry to buy”: we enter a vicious circle in which we are buying and wearing fashion for a short period after which a new collection arrives. This means you will forget all about the new patent leather skirt you just bought last month and wore three times. Alternatively slow fashion encourages the purchase of timeless, good quality items that last much longer. Not a vintage shopper? No sweat. You can also focus on fair fashion or green fashion. Both terms that strive to produce sustainable fashion. 

Sustainable influencers

More and more influencers are becoming aware of sustainability in fashion. There is a slow and cautious change when we look at how influencers deal with this trend. If we have to believe the influencers, they are well aware of the impact they have on their audience. A major shift to slow fashion will not happen overnight, but every little bit helps.

Check out some of our favorite sustainable influencers below for some great inspiration:

Sara Dubbeldam 

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Enjoying the weather, these spring vibes are SOOO good!! 😄☀️🌱 I was supposed to write articles for When Sara Smiles this afternoon, but I ended up drinking beers in the sun (thinking I had deserved it after a super busy week) 🙈 But hey, life has to be enjoyed, right? 🍻 I’m wearing my @pelechecoco Nancy biker jacket (ethically made of reworked leather, so cool!), my new @neinties heart shaped earrings (fair), a vintage men’s jumper and my favourite black skinny jeans atm: @kuyichipuregoods’s Carey (ethically made of organic cotton). Enjoy this weekend guys, please go outside and get yourself some fresh air, vitamin D and good vibes! 🤗✨ . . #slowfashion #duurzamekleding #pelechecoco #consciouscloset #fairfashion #ootd #vintagejumper #reworkedleather #minimalism #buylesschoosewell #duurzamemode #sustainableoutfit #slowfashionblogger

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Mia Marjanovic 

Bonnie Notroth 

Madeleine Daria Alizadeh  

Natalie Kay 

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If you don’t know already, one of my earliest passions within sustainable fashion was artisan goods. I noticed so many cultures were being stolen from, and crafts were copied over and over again. As a creator myself, I know how frustrating it is to be copied so I can only imagine how artisans who have had crafts and traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation would feel. Seeing fast fashion brands copy patterns to a T is absolutely unfair and wrong. In order to truly appreciate the work, we have to support the ones who created it. That’s why it’s important to have places like @ocelotmarket where we can celebrate and enjoy the crafts while giving back to those who deserve it most 🙌🏼

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Curious about how sustainability is represented in high couture fashion? This Friday we will post a brand new blog about Paris Fashion Week and how sustainability is reflected on the runway.