Why we shouldn’t underestimate the influence of Generation X

Gen X is at the moment without a doubt the most influential generation. It is a generation that has money to spend, that holds key positions in society and that has the ability to influence both younger and older generations. While almost every brand knows that influencer marketing is the way to go if you want to reach millennials, there are still hardly any brands that attempt to use Gen X influencers and focus on the generation born roughly between 1960 and 1980.

As successor to the baby boomers and a predecessor of the millennials, Generation X is often seen as the forgotten middle child. That sounds more pitiful than it really is; although smaller in number than the older and younger generations, it is Generation X that pulls the strings. A majority of the most important entrepreneurs, politicians and media personalities belongs to the Generation X.

Choose the right platform for Generation X

When trying to reach Generation X with an influencer campaign, it is crucial to choose the right platform. Gen Xers are mainly active on Facebook and Twitter. Research shows that 65 percent of Gen Xers ​​choose Facebook as their favorite platform. 81 percent of Gen Xers ​​have a Facebook profile. In addition, 48 percent of Gen Xers ​​possess a Twitter account.

So when you are planning a social influencer campaign targetting Generation X, it is wise to focus on one of these social media platforms. Pinterest is a platform that one might forget to think about. Especcially younger Gen Xers are very active on Pinterest though. More than 36 percent of the pinners are between 30 and 44 years old.

Create high-quality content

Whereas the average millennial uses social media merily as amusement during their spare time, Gen Xers generally spend their time on internet with a clear goal in mind. They keep up with the news through social media, do active research and read reviews. For example, 73 percent of Gen Xers watch YouTube videos to teach themselves new things.

When trying to reach Generation X, it is therefore crucial to produce high-quality and informative content.

Television and a hint of nostalgia

Gen Xers have a unique media diet that combines traditional and modern media. Unlike the younger generations, Generation X still spends many hours in front of the television. At the same time it is the generation that spends most time on social media. It is important to keep this way of media consumption in mind when planning your influencer marketing strategy and finding the right influencer. For example, use social media influencers that regularly appear on television or refer to popular television shows.

You can also use the feelings of nostalgia of this generation. Research shows that Gen Xers watch 1.5 billion videos per day. 75 percent of these videos are related to the past. With the right influencer campaign you can respond to these nostalgic feelings. Casually refer to designs, movies, music, commercials and video games from the past or (less subtle) use the stars of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Gen Xers as influencers

As with any social influencer campaign the success stands or falls with finding the right influencer. Use influencers that appeal to the generation, have the desired share of followers and are active on the right platforms. These are usually influencers who belong to Generation X themselves.

In addition to reaching their own demographic group, Gen Xers form a bridge between baby boomers and millenials. There is a big gap between these last two generations. However, the interests of the Gen Xers generally overlap with those of both the older and younger generations. While baby boomers like to associate with the younger generation, millennials are looking up to the successful Gen Xer.

Gen Xers often even live under the same roof with their millennial children, while at the same time taking care of their baby boomer parents. This means that when you manage to reach Generation X, you can attract a target group that is potentially much larger.