Holiday season influencer marketing

A PlayStation for the kids, a juicy roast with salsa verde on Boxing day and a Netflix-bingewatching for the day after. The first idea’s for the holiday season and the christmas dinner at home are thought of, but what will be your marketing-efforts in the last month of the year? In this period sales are skyrocketing in all consumer-branches which makes it a critical period for your marketing-strategy. Today in this blogpost we will check out how and why you should invest in influencer marketing in december.

Why now?

Leaves are falling down, temperatures are dropping and the night begins early: de last month of the year is all about huddling up by the fire, cosy with friends and family. It is, however, also the season of (online) sales! In december 2016 the online sales grew 12% and if we follow some international trends we can also assume a huge growth this year. That means it is essential you make your brand noticed during the holidays. How? With influencers.

Why with influencers?

Influencer marketing can give you a strategic advantage and take your sales to the next level. During the holiday season, however, influencer marketing seems to score even better! A research in the Join database showed that influencers’ engagement rates (ER’s) are up to 12% higher in december compared to the other months! If you make sure your influencer marketing-campaign is running during the weeks before christmas you can maximally profit. Check the article on our research here.


Good question – that fully depends on whatever brand, product or campaign were catering. For that reason we will show you some cool proposals for influencer campaigns for different topics. Just like that? Yeah, it’s time for gifts!

Interior & Design

Heavy crates are coming from high cupboards and the old plats from the attic, as everyone wants the christmas diner table to look perfect. After you started, however, it turns out 7 forks and 2 dessert spoons are missing and your grandmother’s antique plates are butt-ugly. A producer of plates, cutlery, chandeliers, napkins or a retailer that sells them all: an interiorblogger can succesfully showcase your products. Your influencer’s followers love beautiful content like this! Need some more tips on recognising good content? Check this article on our blog.

interieurblogger kerst

Food & Culinary

Your table might be beautiful, but you have to start cooking! What will you have for dinner, lamb, beef, chicken, duck, or are you eating vegetarian or low-fiber? Not a bad idea: we eat enough during the holiday season. Product or brands that embrace the original christmas spirit as well as more modern and divergent brands can be shown to the public by foodbloggers. Get it on with your vegetarian roast with biological- organic Pinot Noir. Go online and get inspired!

Gaming & Entertainment

Boxing day, the kids have been psyched by the huge present that’s been standing by the christmas tree. Finally the moment has come, the kids rip of the wrapping paper and… the box is empty. But what is the other box, that suddenly appears on the other side of the room? The newest gaming console!
The video the kids exploding with joy (that you made in collaboration with a mommy-blogger) goes viral and your brand gets the kudo’s.

Health & Fitness

As you’re sweeping your living room after the new year’s eve party you see you tummy coming out from under your shirt. With a dissapointed face you realise that december was a lot of eating and drinking, and forgetting about the gym. Maybe, if you represent a sportsbrand or -drink, you can make a cool campaign with a fitness-blogger! 10 tips to get rid of your december belly or a cool discount- or win-promo perhaps? Or you could just keep yourself together, of course. You could run a marathon in february.

All’s well – talking about the holidays and christmas dinner-suggestions has worked up an appetite. Are you inspired by this post and do you want to get to work with influencer marketing? If you are interested to see what we can do to grow your brand don’t hesitate and contact us directly.