Hospitality Marketing: 3 Reasons You Should Invite Influencers to Your Restaurant, Hotel, or Bar

Social media has ignited the hospitality industry, providing restaurants, hotels, and bars the perfect platform for interacting with customers. But hospitality marketing can be challenging, with so many competitors in the same space. One way businesses in the industry gain an edge is through the use of online personalities that have large audiences, known as influencers.

As popular as influencer marketing is, though, it can be especially effective for hospitality businesses, or in fact: hospitality marketing. Here are three top reasons for you to consider bringing influencers to your restaurant, bar, or hotel.

Identify the Hot Spots

One of the best things for a restaurant or bar is to be identified as the “it” place. This is especially true for locally-owned establishments that are popular with nearby residents. Influencers pay just one visit and upload a photo and soon you’ll find others are interested in trying it out as well. This means just the small expense of a free meal can help put a new or struggling business on the map. The key is finding local residents who are known for recommending local hot spots.

People Need Inspiration

Deciding where to eat dinner is an ongoing challenge for many consumers. In fact, nearly half the US population dines out at least once per week. This number only increases with millennials, with some surveys finding they eat out as much as five times every week. Influencers can create content that will feature prominently in search results when nearby residents are searching for a place to eat. For tourist-geared restaurants and hotels, one influencer mention can drive substantial traffic your way. To collaborate with multiple influencers over a period of time, we recommend you use our influencer marketing software. Join makes it easy to select, brief and report multiple influencers over a period of time. Contact us for a free demo right here.

Hospitality Marketing Influencers Share Experiences

Studies have found that experiential marketing has a direct impact on a customer’s perception of a brand. Because of that, it’s no wonder experiential continues to rise in popularity. Through events like trade show appearances, customers can interact with a brand in person. Since every consumer can’t be there to try out your restaurant, bar, or hotel, though, influencers are the next best thing. Their photos, videos, and commentary about your offerings have the power to make their own audiences feel compelled to experience your location for themselves.


Hospitality marketing is a unique field, requiring brands to find ways to connect with customers who are likely to be in their geographic area. Here are a few tips to help you kick off successful influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Make your search local. Find influencers in your area who have numerous comments on their posts about local restaurants and hotels.
  • Offer freebies. Invite the influencer in for a free meal and make an extra effort to impress. If your collaboration is ongoing, however, don’t hesitate and pay influencers accordingly.
  • Be prepared for an objective review, especially if the influencer you choose is a blogger. Influencers cannot promise a positive recommendation. They will usually only say they’ll check it out and give an objective opinion.

Good luck!