How to get the most out of Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories; it is fast, encourages creativity and has an enormous impact. These are excactly the reasons why influencers love the platform. The relatively young feature of Instagram has seen an explosive growth in the past few years. During the second anniversary of the platform in august, Instagram Stories had already more than 400 million users. If you use Instagram Stories in the right way, it is the perfect platform for a successful influencer marketing campaign. As a brand, with the following tips you can get the most out of your Insta Stories.

At least one story per 24 hours

With Instagram Stories users can compile a story by adding recent photos and videos, decorating them with text, sounds and other effects. One of the most important features of Instagram Stories is the limited lifespan of a single post. A post only remains visible for 24 hours. During that short time a story manages to have a far greater impact than a regular Instagram post, which remains visible.

Because a story disappears after a day, it is important though to post at least one story every 24 hours. This way your stories vary rapidly, making sure that as an influencer you stay relevant for your followers.

Share content with Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories you can as well easily share content. By clicking on the little paper airplane you can share relevant posts or stories from other Instagram users. It is possible to give the post a new background and provide it with GIFs, hashtags and mentions. This way you enrich a story, without having to spend a lot of time creating the content yourself. Besides that, followers feel flattered if you share their post. This way you create engagement by sharing content of your target audience. To get the attention from other influencers in your niche you can as well share their stories or posts.

Keep in mind that you can only share stories from other users if you are tagged or mentioned. Would you like other influencers to share your story? Then make sure to tag or mentioned them.

Use the swipe up feature

One of the most important features of Instagram Stories for marketing purposes is the possibility for followers to ‘swipe up’. When an influencer has more than 10,000 followers, he can add a direct link to a webpage. This link becomes visible when the visitors swipe up. The swipe up function is the perfect way to generate traffic for websites, to lead visitors to a product page or to get people to read your blog.

Apps to help you with Instagram Stories

There are various tools available to help you compile a nice Insta Story. With the apps below you can give photos and videos the right size and create a story with its own face by adding text, sound and other effects.

  • InShot – With this video editor you can edit images and videos. Easily add  some sound, text and effects to decorate your media. You can use the app as well to crop your images and videos to the right size.
  • Hype Type – this app helps you to add animated text to your photos or videos. You can choose from a wide range of fonts, colors, sounds and effects.
  • Unfold – these templates make it a lot easier to create a compelling story. Choose from one of the minimalist templates to give your story the desired look.

Instagram Stories is a platform that is great for an influencer campaign. By following the above tips and tricks you can lift your stories to a higher level and ensure that your stories are seen.