How To Repurpose Influencer Generated Content

Although you can use influencers to promote your brand to their own followers, you can also use influencer generated content (IGC) for your own media. The content that your brand’s users create is perfect for you to repurpose on the media channels of your own company.

Here are 3 reasons why.

Influencer generated content saves time

A common problem encountered by all marketers is finding new content. Influencer generated content is ready to use, so you don’t have to do anything yourself except publish it on your own media channels.

Authentic influencer generated content is more effective

The only way to stand out among the thousands of advertisements is to publish authentic, personal content. Content created by real people has more effect than ads created by your company. And you get that content from your brand’s users.

You can better customize your marketing campaign

Influencer generated content is the best way to reach your target group, as you already know the audience that responds best to the content. This way, you are better able to customize your campaign to different segments of your target group.

Now, what are the channels you can use for IGC?

The social media of your company 

Influencer generated content is perfect to reuse on your company’s social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. When people suddenly see a post made by a real person, they will stop and have a look. This definitely guarantees likes and views.

The website of your company 

A good marketing strategy connects your brand with your audience. It’s about creating a community. Involve your users in your business and make them feel valuable. Publish their content on the home page of your company’s website or dedicate a separate page to it. It’s super effective when potential customers see how happy current customers are with your product or service.

The blog posts of your company 

What goes for your website also goes for your blog posts. For example, pay attention to influencers in a blog post or use their own content to republish. 

Your company’s email/newsletters

Add stories, photos and testimonials from real people to your newsletters. This creates trust among your users, as they see real people using your product or service. It’s much more fun and interesting to read than boring company information. Bet your email open rate will skyrocket!

The advertisements of your company

Hardly anyone believes advertisements made by advertising agencies. But influencer generated content is a different story. Add an influencer’s photo, video or comment to your regular social media ads, so you can increase trust – and increase your conversions.


Influencer generated content is a must-have for any successful marketing strategy – especially on social media, but also on other channels. IGC adds authenticity to your image, it helps you to customize your campaign, and it saves time & money.