IGTV: The New Television?

Have you ever seen that new icon in the upper right corner in Instagram? That is Instagram TV, also known as IGTV. In this blog we will tell you all about.

IGTV is a mix of YouTube and television, Instagram style. It delivers vertical videos, so users no longer need to flip their phone horizontally. Unlike searching for videos on YouTube, IGTV only lets you search by users. You can’t film via IGTV yourself so you have to record content separately and upload it to your channel on IGTV.

What are the possibilities with IGTV?

First of all, the videos on are ten minutes max, unless you have a channel with more followers. In that case you can create videos of  60 minutes. It was designed to enable you to enjoy the content of your favorite influencer(s) even longer. Just like TV, videos start playing immediately when you open IGTV and just like on Youtube you can add a title and description. Using IGTV can help an influencer get in touch with a new target audience, because your video can be featured on the trending page or on the page with related profiles. The channels that you as a user see are profiles based on someone’s own followers.


IGTV and Influencer Marketing

Instagram TV allows you to create longer videos providing a range of possibilities to deliver more in-depth content. Instead of a quick Instagram story about what ingredients you have for a recipe, you can now create an entire cooking show. Think of testimonials and tutorials that can be used to highlight a product or service. But also a scripted video, which can be experienced as a soap or series. Of course, there is a different kind of content for everyone and that is also the case for this relatively new feature. Our advice: Create and experiment to see what works best.

Check out some top followed IGTV channels here:

  1. National Geographic: 100 million followers. The first profile to release a 48-minute video on IGTV.
  2. Hannah Stocking: 15.6 million followers. Creates special content for her channel and brings beauty and science together in a humorous way in her show “The Science of Beauty”.
  3. Anwar Jibawi: 5.9 million followers. A comedian who reviews poorly rated products for his channel.
  4. Huda Kattan: 32.7 million followers. One of the most famous beauty gurus who has not only set up her own beauty brand. She shares daily tips, tricks and hacks on her IGTV channel.
  5. So Yummy: 8.4 million followers. Always created shorter cooking videos and recipes and now uses Instagram TV for longer videos.
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