Industry spotlight: BEER!

Aah, cold and golden beer. A perfectly drafted pint in a bar or an icecold weizener outside in the sun. Pilsner is beer but specialbeer isn’t pilsner, and of all the thousands of different kinds and brands of beer we live in the epicentrum of beer: the BeNeLux. Today we’ll check out this branche in our industry spotlight: what can influencer marketing do for the beer-business?

Specialbeer is social

It might sound strange, but actually it isn’t. Beer is, just like many other alcoholic beverages, almost always consumed with other people. Having a pint in the café on friday-afternoon or a specialbeer on your nephew/cousin/sister/uncle’s babyshower. Moreover, the world is struck with a social craftbeer-trend that aligns with the social media- and influencer-marketing trend. This trend won’t be over for long! Let’s check out a few original ways how influencers promote your types of beer.


When you choose a topic that you want to make content about, you can better choose a topic you really like. These influencers did! They all specialised, one way or the other, in beer. To be inspired we’ll check out some international influencers that write solely about beer and some Dutch influencers (from our database) that have written about beer once or more. Do you want to improve your skills in recognising good content online? Check out this blogpost for inspiration and this blogpost for information on content marketing!

Pim Pelser combines food and drinks with lifestyle and good content – and beer! Here you see a post of an Amsterdam-fridge that is all filled up with specialbeer. If you want to collaborate with an influencer that only posts about beer you know exactly what audience you will reach; people that are interested in beer. If you, however, start collaborating with someone like Pim you might broaden your audience a lot. Perhaps you can even get wine-drinkers to drink beer!

This Australian beerblogger combines drinking specialbeer with travel – not a bad combination, if you ask me! Here he went to San Diego, to the Kilowatt-brewery. A nice tasting plate in his hand, a fancy shirt on his body. International content can shed a good light on your beerbrand or -brewery. You can activate people to consume your product or to come and take a look at your location. Especially if you offer them a nice tasting, like this one!

At the Dutch men-blog B4MEN they don’t even drink the beer, they poor it right into the pot! A lovely winter-stew. Now all you need is another beer to go with it! Something that taps into a warm feeling, like dark beer and stews, can really evoke emotion in your target audience. Be honest: after looking at this post, did you not feel the urge to eat a stew and drink this beer? That’s how you can evoke emotion in your target audience with influencer marketing, something extremely important in the food- and drink-business.

This Spanish beer-sommelier ran into the Dutch Hoegaarden – in Switzerland! It really doesn’t matter where it comes from or where you drink it, as long as you like it! By working with international influencers you can reach a huge target audience and boost your international sales. Possibly you can even hype your product by working with a big international influencer, that can give you the possibility to tap into completely new markets abroad!

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) collabs with Warsteiner which ends up on the blog “Seen in 010.” A beautiful bottle of beer for a beautiful skyline, and a good combination of a partnership and influencer marketing!

With this content, influencers can be relevant for the specialbeer-market as they are relevant for pretty much all markets. Are you looking for inspiration (and did you not yet check out this blogpost) stay updated and check our blog for influencer marketing-inspiration – or get into contact with us! Are you a specialbeer-marketeer (or just a special marketeer) and would you like to start working with influencer marketing? Do not hesitate and contact us for a demo!