Influencer Hotspots – the Place to Be

What makes a certain places an influencer hotspot? The place to be. Where everyone wants and needs to be. This varies from restaurants to painted walls. Think about neon signs, pastels pastels and even more pastels and the biggest green plants you can think of.

But what makes a place suddenly thé place for the perfect picture? Usually it’s a good concept, a catchy interior and a few influencers that visit but more often a combination of both. These hotspots arise because they catch on with a number of influencers who make a cool picture there. Influencers will do everything for the perfect aesthetic picture. Although every influencer gives it their own twist, the spots remain the same. And as soon as every influencer and non-influencer has taken a picture at the hotspot, a new one always pops-up. 

It can go really fast, often something new opens with a good mix of quality and appearance. That’s all it takes to become the new influencer hotspot. The hype starts off small, but before you know it it’s a popular must see. 

Below are the top 5 favorite hotspots that we love.

Top 5 favorite hotspots:

  • Hortus Amsterdam – For anyone with a passion for everything that’s green, Hortus Amsterdam is the place to be.
  • SNCKBR – the guilt free comfort food snack bar. 100% vegan with the illusion of fast food.
  • The Streetfood Club – Neon plates, good food and amazing cocktails. At this hotspot in Utrecht almost everything is Instagram worthy and thus a nice addition to your collection.
  • Wake me up when I’m famous wall – This wall is guaranteed a great place for a nice instagram post. The neutral black and white look makes this the perfect place to take a photo for your own feed.
  • The Avocado Show – avocado’s avocado’s avocado’s. Everything here is avocado. One of the most popular spots for food lovers. The appearance creates a green vibe in your profile.
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