Marketing Applications – What Can Influencers Bring to My Business?

Considering hiring an influencer to promote your message? You’re not alone. According to Forbes, 84% of online marketers used the method in 2017, and this number is set to increase in the coming years. In fact, hiring Youtubers, Instagram celebrities or Twitter stars to mention your company and brand is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in marketing.

Surely, this means it is working. But why exactly? While we could continue throwing statistics around to convince you, today we’re going to go over the main applications of influencer marketing. You’ll see the three main reasons marketers rely more and more on influencers for their promotional campaigns.

#1 Influencer marketing Helps With your Content Marketing

What influencers excel at is producing content. They know and understand their audience, and create relevant videos, blog posts, photos or podcasts. In fact, they have built their entire career on it.

What this means for you is that you are essentially hiring a content creator. No more need to produce it in-house, all you need is to give influencers a few guidelines. They will tailor the message to fit their niche, and it is in their interest to be of high quality. Best of all, they will then help their audience engage with the content by fostering conversation.

#2 Influencers Strengthen your Brand Identity

Influencer marketing is not anonymous. You are hiring real people, with real voices. Their faces are on their social media accounts. What this means is that an endorsement from them can build trust and authority for your brand in people’s minds.

influencer marketing

In fact, according to Social Media Today, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, versus 33% for online ads. And when we say peer, it doesn’t have to be someone they know. Influencers have the same power of convictions, since 88% of consumers trust online reviews by strangers as much as they would recommendation by a friend.

#3 Influencer Marketing Improves Your Position in Search Engines

The reality these days is that it’s almost impossible for a business to survive without Google. Yes, there are other search engines, and yes advertising and social media helps. This is why there is such a large market of link farms and black hat link-building.

But for inbound marketing, organic searches and links are your best bet. Which is exactly why influencers can be such a help. They use their own reputation to push your links. These links create authority towards your website. All of it contributes to positioning you higher in Google’s search results. And of course, this means more traffic, clicks and conversions for your business, brand or service. Working with a platform like Join contributes to finding the right influencers, who have the strongest and most authoritative link power. Interested in finding your SEO-ambassadors? Request a demo through the form below.

Final Thoughts

We’ve only touched on the broad strokes of the benefits of influencer marketing here. But you can clearly see how it provides an almost-all-in-one solution. Most marketers have been spreading themselves thin over multiple channels in recent years. So if you’re only choosing marketing strategy, influencer marketing practically looks like a magic bullet.

If you want more info on specific topics, don’t hesitate to read more about how influencers can help with your SEO, with your engagement, and your ecommerce sales.