How Influencer Marketing Can Improve Your SEO

For people who have never heard of influencer marketing, the term can seem rather vague. After all, isn’t all marketing designed to influence consumers? Yes, in a way. But influencer marketing also takes the novel approach of spreading your message organically via real people.

Whether they are Youtubers, Instagram celebrities or Twitter heroes, they will use their voice to push your message. As we’ve noted elsewhere, this has tremendous advantages. But today we’ll focus on how it also help you rank higher in search engines: influencer marketing for SEO optimization.

Influencer Marketing Creates Strong Inbound Links for SEO

While Google’s algorithm are notoriously opaque, we know one thing for sure: the more authentic and valuable links to your site, the higher you will rank. It is therefore no surprise that everyone around the web is chasing these precious backlinks. This is what Google labels “domain authority”, and it is so valuable that a whole industry was built upon selling them.

Now as you can imagine, influencer marketing makes things easy and legit for you. One of the main goals of your campaign will be to send people towards your site. And for influencers you hire, this ultimately means sharing these links as much as possible. Moreover, Google will be smart enough to recognise that these inbound links come from real accounts and websites. Not a shady “link farm” hidden somewhere across the globe.

Influencers Create Fresh, Quality Content for SEO

The other thing we know about Google? It loves quality content. Again, the way its technology looks at web pages is an industry secret, but there’s a reason everyone interested in SEO obeys the adage that “content is king”.

Well, great news here again. Because influencers, like you, are absolutely dedicated to creating high quality content. And they’re not only good at it, but fast, which will save you time and effort for in-house content creation. Influencers’ image, brand and livelihood depends on it. Not only that, but they also need to keep their content fresh. These means it is in their interest to post, create or update their profiles as regularly as possible to remain relevant. If one of your links is in there, search engines will surely notice.

Influencers Are One Of The Best Ways to Create Engagement

This point follows logically from the one above. One way we know Google decides if content is of a good quality is through engagement, especially with social media. How do we know? Well, for example, they liked the PostRank tool so much that they bought it for themselves.

And yes, you’ve guessed it: influencers absolutely thrive on engagement. Whether it is by getting followers or subscribers to share links, or simply create a conversation around your product or service, it’s their job. They know how to do it, and of course will help you benefit from their experience.


If you look at all the best ways to rank high with search engines, you’ll find three of them are part of the package with influencer marketing. Creating backlinks, engagement and high quality content is what these guys do best.

So why waste time and resources on complicated SEO strategies in-house? By combining good SEO practices with a robust influencer marketing campaign, you should be able to climb to the top of these search results in no time.