Influencer marketing & the movie industry

Social influencers are becoming increasingly important in the cultural industry. People no longer just read newspapers or television magazines to determine which shows, films or series are worth their time. Instead the public bases its opinion on discussions on social media. This means influencers have a major impact on the success of movies and tv series. Influencer marketing has therefore become an essential part of promoting films and series. Why is influencer marketing so suitable for the movie industry?

Social media and the movie industry

Of course, reviews in traditional media such as printed press or television and radio still play a major role in getting publicity for movies and television productions. However, the public no longer trusts the judgement of these reviews without question. After all, what is the opinion of someone you don’t even know worth? Social media advertising is therefore becoming increasingly important.

When an opinion about a film or series reaches someone through social media it just feels more genuine and spontaneous. Therefor posts on social media are the perfect way to get someone’s attention. Influencers in the movie industry are passionate aficionados. They are in general independent and therefore come across very trustworthy. They usually know exactly what their target audience is looking for and are like no others able to find original perspectives. Moreover, there is usually a lot of interaction between followers and influencers. Followers can respond to a particular post or ask a question and they usually quickly get a personal reply. Because of this approach, followers often get the feeling to be personally connected to a certain film or series.

Influencers on the front row

A smart campaign on social media is nowadays crucial to get the audience to the cinema. Influencers play an important role in this. They are able to put movies or series in the spotlight and can like no other create an online buzz. Invite movie bloggers, YouTube reviewers and other influencers in the movie industry to premieres and place them on the front row. Many influencers reach a wider audience than traditional reporters and have more influence. In exchange, influencers can give authentic reviews, spread teaser trailers and create original content about the film or series.

In addition, you can also consider influencers from outside the film industry; people that fit perfectly with the film or series. For example, if the image of an influencer fits well with the subject or atmosphere of a movie, the influencer can pay attention to the film in an honest and credible way. If influencer and film fit well together, chances are that the movie will also appeal to his or her followers.

Actors vs. influencers in the movie industry

An important group of influencers within the movie industry are the actors and directors themselves. They traditionally already play an important role in promoting films. Most movie stars also have a large number of followers on social media and can therefore be used for the online promotional campaign of the production. An effective way to use movie stars for the promotional campaign is to have them interviewed by other influencers in the film sector, like movie bloggers or movie experts on YouTube. This way the influencer can create interesting content and distribute it to his or her target audience, while at the same time expanding his crowd of followers with fans of the movie star.

Another suitable strategy is to give away presents. Let your influencer hand out gift boxes, meet and greets with the movie stars or tickets for the film via influencers. To have a chance to win the prizes, the followers must, for example, like or share the post. To involve the audience even more you can also think of competitions. This is an excellent way to create even more engagement.

Influencer marketing is cheaper

Due to the decline in readers and viewers of traditional media, combined with the ever-increasing influence of social media, influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly important way to communicate with the audience and promote movies or series. Influencers in the film industry are usually true enthusiasts and come across very authentic. In addition, you can reach a large target group directly through influencers in a way that is way more effective than traditional advertisements.