Influencer marketing with pets

Influencer marketing is for everyone, including those fluffy little creatures that we keep as pets. Instagram and other social media platforms are full of pets that are more famous than some Hollywood actors. And they sometimes make more money, too.

Pets are popular, online and offline

Almost 60% of Dutch households have one or more pets. This comes down to 33.4 million cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, rabbits and fish. It’s a huge market, and it’s growing! Rabobank, for example, says that the demand for vets in the coming years will continue to rise.

There is no shortage of cute pets on social media, people just love them. Some accounts have more followers than you. Take a look at the Dutch Fiep The Kitty Cat with its 24.6 thousand followers. Many influencers can only dream of that.

But if you think that’s a lot, take a look at the account of Mr. Pokee the Hedgehog. With an astonishing 1.3 million followers, this funny hedgehog earns $2000 per post on endorsement deals.

Tips for successful influencer campaigns with pets

Whether you want to make your own pet famous or want to collaborate with a pet for your influencer marketing campaign, it is important that you follow a few tips.

1. Stick to your branding

Consider what makes the pet unique. Is it cute or witty? The storyline must be based on the personality of the pet. The account of Jiff Pom, Instagram’s biggest pet influencer, is focused on cuteness and fuzziness. This dog even has its own toys that are sold in Walmart.

2. Focus on inspiration

How can you make the lives of the followers a little better? People get irritated when they see too much advertising and sponsored posts. So don’t just focus your campaign on selling products or services, but try to inspire people, entertain them or share something valuable, as Mr. Pokee does with his smile and adventures.

3. Choose authentic partnerships

This applies to both the influencer and the company that wants to set up a partnership. As a company, it’s important that you choose a pet that matches with the brand. On the other hand, it’s as important that the pet only promotes something the owner (and of course the pet) supports. 


As a company, you can work just as well (or better) with pets as you can with humans. Influencer pet marketing is possible for any brand, whether the company sells toilet paper or rooms in a five-star hotel. As long as there’s an authentic connection with the pet, it’s a great growth hacking strategy.