Influencer Posts: 5 Profiles You Want to Follow

When we’re talking about influencers, content is always #1. They make posts day in, day out, about a wide range of topics. Your favorite influencers might differ from your best friend’s – makes sense, as your opinions differ in general!

That’s one of the reasons why there are so many different kinds of influencer content. In the Join office we get to see a lot of content, and we like to highlight some surprising posts we find. Why? Because it’s fun! In this blog you’ll find influencer content from different countries and creators. The thing they all share is that they managed to stand out from the rest. All influencers mentioned in this post are in Join’s database!

Mede daardoor bestaat er heel veel verschillende influencer content. Bij Join zien we nogal wat posts voor onze neus langskomen, en vinden we het leuk om af en toe wat content uit te lichten. Waarom? Omdat het kan! In deze post vind je influencer uit content uit binnen- en buitenland die om de één of andere reden is opgevallen bij ons team. Alle influencers die in deze post genoemd worden staan ingeschreven bij Join!

Posts that make you hungry

The French influencer Clementine Vaccon made the Join crew’s stomaches growl: she is a true food blogger. She distinguishes herself by her amazing eye for detail and design. All posts on her feed look amazing, and all fit within the same style/theme. Moreover, she focuses merely on healthy food – good food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy! Below we’ll share a cool post of a delicious meal she posted recently.

Different outfits, every day

The Dutch influencer Rachel Ecclestone is know for her raw, artistic and eye-catching content. Besides Instagram, Rachel is also active on YouTube. She often posts different outfits there. For a collaboration with Björn Borg a while ago, Rachel was invited through Join. She (and several other influencers) made. a cool promotion for a new line of clothing. One of Rachel’s post, you’ll find below.

Lovely posts – for a bargain!

Or well – a nice interior, for a good price. The Dutch interior blogger Desiree de Vreede reaches a smart nice with her account Budgethome. She inspires her followers with lovely interior design posts. Furthermore, she shows that it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money: she regularly posts about smart budget solutions, and has a lot of DIY projects. That’s how she combines ease and design. Fun for everyone!

Amazing Australia

The next influencer we find a little further along the way. By little, I mean a lot: all the way to the other side of the globe. In Adelaide, Souther Australia, we find Bo Le. Bo makes his posts from the skies and is specialized in landscapes and outdoor photography. That, combined with the beauty of the continent he lives on, results in amazing content. Judge for yourself:

Posts with a smile

We try to end, of course, with something that will make you happy: Mr. Pokkee. The sweet little hedgehog Mr. Pokee is German Talitha Girnus’ pet. She makes a blog about her pet hedgehog, and goes pretty far. Mr. Pokee is an Instagram-celebrity like any other, and can often be seen in vlogs. Moreover, the hedgehog – and this is real – documented a trip to Tuscany. A true travel-hedgehog. You can laugh all you want, but Talitha and Mr. Pokee are definitely successful: they have almost 500K followers. Not bad.

„I love you thiiiis much” ??

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