Influencer tips: How to use an Instagram grid

Influencers are like no others able to craft striking content on Instagram. They know exactly which topics work and how they can use filters to create the most attractive photos. But how do you make sure that all these individual squares on your Instagram feed form one coherent page? With the right Instagram grid, you can ensure that the various posts on your timeline together make up a stunning feed. What do you think for example of a colourful rainbow grid? Or do you prefer a checkerboard composition? Read on and find out how you can use Instagram grids to make your feed a real eyecatcher.

Most of the time, your Insta feed is the first thing your visitors will see. Yet few people pay attention to the lay-out of their timeline. They spend all their time and energy creating the most wonderful posts, adding them randomly to their feed. By ensuring that not only the individual content, but the entire feed looks beautiful and well organized, your timeline gets its own character. With one glance at your smartly designed Instagram feed, your followers know: this is your page!

By using the right grid, you can ensure that your posts form a taut composition. Give your feed its own look, for example by using a fixed colour theme. Even if the individual posts do not relate, you can still create coherence by using a certain colour scheme and grid.

Types of Instagram grids

There are different grid layouts that you can use to create cohesion between the different posts on your timeline. For example, consider a square instagram grid, a checkerboard grid, a rainbow grid, or a grid with a vertical line. Every layout is designed for a different look and comes with different advantages. Let’s see what the specific characteristics of each Instagram grid are.

Square Instagram grid

The most used and easiest layout for your Instagram feed is the square grid. The advantage of this grid is that you don’t have to think about when to post what. Simply create posts and put them on your timeline. Use a specific colour palette and the same filters to create consistency. This gives the feed its own look, without having to spend too much time on the design of your timeline.

Checkerboard Instagram grid 

Just like – you already guessed it – a checkerboard, the layout of this Instagram grid is made up of a chequered pattern. You can create this chessboard effect by using two different colour themes and placing them one after another. One of the most popular ways to create a checkerboard is to post a photo and a quote one after the other

Vertical line

With a vertical line layout, the middle squares on the feed form a downward running line. These are often quotes on a white background running verticaly down the page flanked by photos, but you can of course also create a different kind of line. The vertical line encourages your visitors to scroll down. This is the most suitable layout if you want to use one quote per row. The advantage is that you do not have to work too strictly with colour schemes. If you want to make the design even more exciting you can ensure that the individual quotes combined tell a story. You can as well add photos on the either side of the quote that match the meaning of the text.

Rainbow grid

Pick this colourful grid if you really want to impress your visitors as an influencer or marketeer. With the rainbow grid, each row has its own colour. The subtle colour transition between the rows creates the effect of a rainbow. This works best if the lower part of the upper pictures matches the colour of the upper part of the photo below.

Choose the grid that suits you

Whichever Instagram grid you choose to use, a smart layout and a consistent use of colour schemes and filters helps you to build a creative feed that catches the eye. Choose the grid that best suits your image and that fits your message. If you like to use quotes, a vertical line grid and a checkerboard grid are perfect. If you want to focus on colours, then using the rainbow grid is a sound plan.