Put your city on the map with influencers

The product can be anything these days. Software, hardware, or even a whole city! Yes, mayors and government officials have as much promotion and branding to do as the corporate world. City marketing could be for tourism or for getting citizens involved in events and activities. 

In any case, cities have a lot to gain from mixing traditional and innovative marketing techniques. In this short post we’ll see what influencer marketing can bring to the table.

Real people for a real place

Marketers are already well aware of the fact that using real people promotes the authenticity of their message. It creates a bond of trust and engagement with audiences. So why not kill two birds with one stone and use a local influencer who also brings in their own audience?

Influencers as local guides

Cities are fantastic because everyone has their own versions of them. Local neighborhoods, hidden gems, small family eateries… The best to discover them is with someone who knows and loves the place, which is exactly what a passionate local influencer will do.

Strengthening a worldwide brand

The greatest advantage of influencer marketing is that even if it’s designed for a local city, it can reach anyone around the globe. Want tourists across the globe to dream about visiting your district? Then why not use a local influencer to mention and promote its best hotspots through a livestream tour? Or create content about a much-hyped local event?


With a canvas as wide and versatile as a city, the marketing possibilities are endless. Mix in the audience, reach and engagement of the best local influencers, and you have yourself a potential hit campaign brewing.

So whether it’s to target residents of the city or potential tourists, see how much influencer marketing can help in terms of engagement, event promotion, and even local festivals.

Curious to see what influencers can do for your city? Request a demo below. We love to help you get started!