Influencers in Fashion: Highlights of Paris Fashion Week 2019

Paris Fashion Week is up and running. A week filled with haute-couture, fashion, influencers, models and designers. Paris Fashion Week is about the most popular event in the fashion industry. An event that definitely can’t be missed by popular fashion influencers. Lucky for us, there are plenty of influencers enjoying the various shows of the biggest fashion brands of the world. We took the liberty to gather the top (influencer) outfits and some highlights of this week:

Fashion Shows

The runway is providing some amazing trends and inspiration for AUTUMN/WINTER. Here are our top pick runway shows so far:

  • OTTOLINGER AW19: The show concept is all about futuristic sportswear and apocalyptic space opera, staying close to their original deconstructivist statement.
  • ANREALAGE FW2019 “DETAIL” COLLECTION: Amplifying the details in a wearable collection. Putting all the value in the details that are easily passed by.
  • CELIA KRITHARITORIi SS19: The collection gives the illusion of a colorful, playful and vivid dream. Elegance, femininity and class are represented in every piece.
  • FAITH CONNEXION FW2019: Faith connexion brings inspiration from Asian streetwear and anime culture mixed with 1980’s and early 90’s rock n roll grunge.

And our top favorite this year is the Yves Saint Laurent show that started in a mirrored room with a light show and finished with a neon UV light rave

Influencers at #PFW19

Influencers also play a major role during the Fashion Week in the French capital, especially when it comes to street style. Their creativity results in some amazing out of the box outfits inspired by the latest fashion trends. Instagram follows its own fashion rules: the craziest, most colourful outfits will catch the attention of users and spread inspiration all across the platform. This Fashion Week we noticed a lot of beige in influencer outfits. Here are some of our favorite street style outfits of PFW19 Fall:

Anna Borisovna

Camila Coelho

Ángela Rozas Saiz

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Caroline Daur

Like discussed in our blogpost at the beginning of the week slow fashion will also be present on the haute-couture runway this year. Opera Carolina will present “Opera Recycles”. An eco-couture fashion show. Opera Carolina put together a fashion show including eight statement dresses from six different designers. These are all made from recycled materials like old playbills and postcards. The show will be presented on the 4th of March. So, definitely a show to put on your calendar if you want to check out an eco friendly collection.