Why Instagram Is the Best Entry Platform for Online Marketeers

Unfortunately, not all social media channels are created equal. Not all of them deliver the same results for your brand. In fact, not all marketers agree on the best platform to promote your message. However, everyone tends to agree on one point. With online marketing, it’s better not to overreach.

In short, there’s no point spreading yourself thin over Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn. It’s one of those rare cases where, at first, it’s best to keep all your eggs in the same basket. You’re better off building a good following on a single platform. The alternative would be too many accounts with mediocre engagement. So today, we’ll focus on Instagram. You’ll see why it is an excellent entry point into the world of social media marketing.

Instagram is straightforward

Take a picture. Add a small message. Share. It’s really that simple to start posting on Instagram. Sure, you can later expand on more advanced features like tags and stories. But at its most basic, using Instagram is a breeze. Compare that, for instance, with Snapchat’s confusing UI and obscure functions, and you can see why Instagram makes a great beginner-friendly tool.

Instagram followers are easy to find

The fact that Instagram’s currency is very scrollable pictures means users are happy to give newer accounts a chance. The photo format is easily digestible, friendly and fast. Moreover, #hashtags allow you to quickly reach users based on their interest, reaching on average 12.6% more engagement with a single tag.

“#hashtags allow you to quickly reach users based on their interest, reaching on average 12.6% more engagement with a single tag.”

This is all good news for companies who want to quickly gain a large number of followers. Provided you post decent content, your follower count is likely to grow quicker there than on other social media.

Instagram is friendly to influencer marketing

There’s a reason Instagram has got its own class of citizens. Think models, celebrities and trendsetters. After all, we’ve all heard of Instagram celebrities. Pinterest famous? Not so much.

This makes Instagram an ideal medium for influencer marketing. Using a platform like Join, for instance, it’s easy to find the people who will tailor and spread your message. Not just that, but in a way that is organic and fast. And moreover, with fantastic results in terms of visibility and reach.

Instagram shows no signs of slowing down

When Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion in 2012, many industry insiders questioned the decision. In retrospect, it proved to be a genius move which reaped many benefits, one of the most impressive being a massively growing user base.

In fact, Instagram nearly doubled its user base up to 700 Billion monthly actives in the two years leading up to 2018. This is mind-boggling considering it is a baby in the world of social media (7 years old). But this meteoric rise should offer a boost in confidence to all online marketers. The platform is shaping up to be a worthwhile, future-proof investment for your campaigns.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to online marketing, it’s often best to master one channel rather than fail at several of them. More platforms doesn’t always mean a wider audience. Especially if you can manage to communicate your message in an exciting fashion to create a snowball effect with followers.

With a simple interface, influencer marketing friendliness, and an impressive user base growth, marketers have every reason to focus on Instagram. Just remember to create visual, fun and engaging content, and you’re well on your way to mastering this increasingly rewarding platform.