Three Reasons You Should Use Influencers in the Interior Design Industry

Across all industries, businesses are partnering with influencers to help spread the word about their brand. According to TapInfluence, it’s a wise investment, since content posted by influencers delivers an 11 times higher return on investment than other types of digital marketing. One mention by a popular social media personality in a field can help a business connect with thousands of new customers.

For interior design, influencers can be particularly valuable. Consumers now rely heavily on sites like Houzz and Pinterest for design inspiration, and influencers amass a large following on these sites. Here are three great reasons to consider using influencers to get the word out about your interior design services.

Engaged Customers

When today’s consumers want design inspiration, they go online to find it. They may browse through photos and even save ideas for later. Sites like Pinterest are custom made for this type of browsing, since they can save what they find for later use. In addition to social media platforms, there are numerous bloggers in the interior design arena, each with his or her own large following. Customers follow these bloggers for ongoing inspiration for improving their homes.

Interior Design Influencers Encourage Clicks

If you sell your items online, influencers are a great way to reach customers. Every mention of your brand encourages clicks. This is more the case with blog posts than sites like Instagram, which don’t allow links in captions. Make sure any photos or videos identify your brand in a way that encourages customers to check out your store. Lastly, closely watch your analytics and note referrer traffic in the days that follow your influencer campaign kickoff.

Interior Design Followers Are Fans

There are numerous online blogs and Instagram-accounts with interior inspiration. Often those who share the most interesting interior design ideas can serve as mentors to their many followers. This means if an influencer posts a photo of one of your products, you’ll be more likely to see customers rushing to purchase that item in order to mimic the influencer they admire so much. “Interior & Design” is a separate vertical in Join‘s database of influencers. Are you looking to get in direct contact with influencers and manage your campaign from a central dashboard? Don’t hesitate and request a demo below this blogpost. Remember that interior bloggers are not only useful contacts for paint- and furniture-brands. Anything that is relevant for interior, or even for house-owners in general, is able to be marketed through interior bloggers.


To conclude, here are a few tips to help you find and work with interior design influencers.

  1. In addition to the links posted above, spend time following people whose interests align with the products you sell. Strive to make connections with those influencers before reaching out with an offer.
  2. To encourage influencers to partner with your brand, offer free samples. However, regarding big or ongoing collaborations, recognize that influencers want to be paid as well.
  3. Share any content from your influencer to make the most of the posts.

Good luck!